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The team at ACD En­gines has made 4BT con­ver­sions their spe­cialty and had this 1992 Toy­ota Land Cruiser up on the rack while we were shoot­ing pho­tos of their new 4BT Stro­ker Kit. The owner of the Land Cruiser wanted more pep than the fac­tory gas en­gine could of­fer, but didn’t want to sac­ri­fice fuel mileage, mak­ing it the per­fect can­di­date for a mildly up­graded 3.9L Cum­mins.

Know­ing that ma­jor horse­power and torque would be needed and look­ing to keep things bud­get friendly, they opted for the less com­mon and slightly cheaper VE in­jec­tion pump se­ries mo­tor, ver­sus the more pop­u­lar and eas­ily mod­i­fied P7100 in­jec­tion pump model. The VE pump work­ing with cus­tom ACD in­jec­tors and camshaft should bring power output up from the orig­i­nal 105 hp to a more user-friendly 200 hp. While this may not sound like much, the low-end torque of the 4BT backed by the NV4500 five-speed man­ual trans­mis­sion (from the 1994-2001 Dodge Ram truck) will make for a great daily driver and off-road com­bi­na­tion. On this par­tic­u­lar build, ACD will also be able to re­tain the fac­tory A/C and heat­ing sys­tem, and were even able to add an in­ter­cooler sys­tem be­hind the grille. ACD and the ve­hi­cle’s owner are hop­ing this pack­age nets a con­sis­tent 25-30 mpg. This 1992 Toy­ota Land Cruiser was on the rack while we were at ACD shoot­ing pho­tos of their 4BT Stoker kits; it’s al­ready been con­verted over to a 4BT en­gine plat­form that uses one of ACD’S cus­tom camshafts and re­worked ro­tary VE in­jec­tion pumps, which help pump power output from 130 hp to nearly 200 hp. The power and torque in­crease should be enough to move the Land Cruiser up and down the free­way with ease, while of­fer­ing a good, us­able power band while of­froad and ex­cel­lent fuel mileage while on-road. ACD En­gines are ex­perts at do­ing these 4BT con­ver­sions and have shoe­horned the small Cum­mins en­gine into just about ev­ery­thing from Jeeps, mini-trucks and even a mid-’50s am­bu­lance. Un­der the hood of this Land Cruiser you’ll no­tice that the four-cylin­der diesel fits near per­fect and will re­tain full use of the fac­tory heat and A/C with some cus­tom brack­etry built by ACD. The ad­di­tion of an in­ter­cooler in front of the ra­di­a­tor will also help with the turbo and en­gine’s efficiency. While you may think all the magic of this conversion is found un­der the hood of the Land Cruiser, ACD was right in the mid­dle of in­stalling the new trans­mis­sion and trans­fer case. The mildly up­graded 4BT will be backed by the NV4500 five-speed man­ual trans­mis­sion found in the 1994-2000 Dodge Ram trucks. The trans­fer case is also a one-off that with use of an adap­tor ring al­lowed for a pas­sen­ger-side tail shaft exit to al­low proper driv­e­line an­gles be kept with the Land Cruiser’s orig­i­nal front and rear axles.

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