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Larry Mor­ris’ Black Beauty

Like many gear­heads, 25-year-old Larry Mor­ris has been into cars and trucks his whole life, but he didn’t get into diesel per­for­mance un­til about four years ago when he started work­ing at Flyin’ Diesel Per­for­mance. Af­ter build­ing some huge ( 22 inches of lift huge!!!—ed.) lifted diesel trucks he de­cided to stay closer to the ground and go fast. Mor­ris’ cur­rent rig is a 2014 Ram 2500 Laramie Mega Cab that he started build­ing about 10 months ago. He wanted the truck to be fast and look good but he also wanted it to be ca­pa­ble of be­ing his daily driver.

Be­ing fast and hav­ing a lot of power go hand in hand, but many diesel en­thu­si­asts have had reli­a­bil­ity is­sues with the 68RFE Ram trans­mis­sion at more-than-stock power lev­els, so Mor­ris opted to re­place the 68RFE with a fully built 48RE trans­mis­sion swap that was han­dled by Jon Mor­ris and Ross Du­na­gan at Flyin’ Diesel Per­for­mance in Ker­rville, Texas.

The 6.7L Cum­mins un­der the hood of Mor­ris’ Ram sports an H&S Mo­tor­sports turbo kit with a Steed Speed man­i­fold, H&S 369SXE tur­bocharger and a Tur­bosmart waste­gate. The com­pressed in­take charge is fed into the en­gine through an H&S high-flow in­take man­i­fold while ad­di­tional fuel de­liv­ery over stock is pro­vided by a pair of H&S CP3S that re­ceive plenty of well­fil­tered fuel from a FASS 150 fuel sys­tem. To dress up the en­gine Mor­ris had many of the com­po­nents pow­der­coated in a bright teal color be­fore re­in­stalling the en­gine in the truck.

High-pres­sure fuel is de­liv­ered into each cylin­der through a set of 150% over S&S Diesel Mo­tor­sport fuel in­jec­tors. In­ter­nally, the 6.7L Cum­mins re­tains stock rods and pis­tons but the pushrods and valve springs were re­placed with high-per­for­mance units from Hamil­ton Cams. ARP CA625 head studs keep the fac­tory Cum­mins head se­curely fas­tened to the block while a Fleece Per­for­mance Engi­neer­ing coolant by­pass and over­flow tank help keep the en­gine from boil­ing over. Cus­tom tun­ing was han­dled by TSD in San An­to­nio to help the truck put 850 hp to the rear tires.


Mor­ris no longer works for Flyin’ Diesel Per­for­mance since he moved back to Youngstown, Ohio, and started his own shop, Nxt Up Mo­tor­sports, spe­cial­iz­ing in wheels, tires, sus­pen­sion and per­for­mance for trucks. To dress up the Ram and give him the look he wanted, he in­stalled a 3-inch BDS lift kit with Fox re­mote reser­voir shocks to clear the big 24x12-inch Spe­cialty Forged wheels that are wrapped in low-pro­file Nitto tires. If you hap­pen to see this great look­ing Ram on the street or on the track, be warned that a se­ri­ous beast lies be­low the skin of this Black Beauty! UDBG

READER'S RIDE Text: UDBG Staff Pho­tog­ra­phy: Larry Mor­ris

Mor­ris de­badged the truck and tinted the win­dows to give it a sleek look, es­pe­cially when com­bined with the mild lift and Spe­cialty Forged/nitto rollers.

The team at Flyin’ Diesel Per­for­mance pulled the 6.7L Cum­mins out of the truck to dress it up in cus­tom pow­der­coated teal and give it a healthy dose of power-based up­grades in­clud­ing Hamil­ton springs, an H&S in­take man­i­fold and turbo setup and a Steed Speed ex­haust man­i­fold.

A Tur­bosmart waste­gate sits atop the Steed Speed ex­haust man­i­fold to keep boost lev­els in the safe range for the H&S Borg­warner 369SXE turbo.

Look­ing closely at the driver side of the Cum­mins en­gine you can see the top H&S CP3 as well as the pow­der­coated H&S high-flow in­take man­i­fold.

The hard ton­neau cover keeps valu­ables and/or tools and sup­plies out of the view of cu­ri­ous on­look­ers, while smoked tail­lights with a chrome ac­cent blend well with the deep, dark na­ture of Mor­ris’ Ram.

Lift­ing the hood of Mor­ris’ Ram re­veals a great-look­ing Cum­mins that de­liv­ers 850 hp to the rear wheels to get the big Ram mov­ing down the street or strip with au­thor­ity.

The in­te­rior is stock, but it is a Laramie pack­age so it is still a very nice place to en­joy the view as things fly by faster than they should in a big truck like this. No­tice the triple gauge pod on the A-pil­lar with an Edge CTS2 as well as Au­tome­ter boost and trans­mis­sion temp gauges to help keep an eye on the truck’s per­for­mance.

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