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Roush is syn­ony­mous with Ford per­for­mance, so it’s of lit­tle sur­prise that they’ve branched out into the heavy duty truck seg­ment, push­ing the F-250 Su­per Duty into a new, and fully war­ranted, arena. Roush trucks main­tain a full Ford fac­tory war­ranty, plus their mods are pro­tected by a 3-year, 36,000-mile war­ranty. There are many sparkling as­pects to the truck, which starts with a pre-ti­tled F-250 Su­per Duty. Be­yond the sig­na­ture de­cals and seats, func­tional parts are added in ways that echo fac­tory meth­ods. Ev­ery added part is cat­a­logued in a data­base, which is fully ac­ces­si­ble by Ford and its deal­ers. Should there be an is­sue with a part, like any other ve­hi­cle, a Tech­ni­cal Ser­vice Bul­letin could be is­sued spe­cific to your truck.

The Roush team ex­pects th­ese trucks to be hand­some work­ers. Thus the de­sign thrust is to cre­ate a rugged off-roader. Start­ing from the muddy side, Roush adds its sig­na­ture Roush/fox 2.0 Per­for­mance Se­ries sus­pen­sion and a 1.5-inch lift. To­gether they im­prove ve­hi­cle stance, while main­tain­ing fac­tory pay­load and tow rat­ings. Along with the lift, they add Roush 20-inch wheels with BF Goodrich KO2 All Ter­rain 35.3-inch tires. We heartily ap­prove of the com­bi­na­tion, hav­ing run sim­i­lar tires on Rap­tors in Baja and on per­sonal ve­hi­cles. The sig­na­ture se­ries wheels of­fer in­te­grated bead pro­tec­tion (both black and gray rings are pro­vided to each owner) and are equipped with capped chrome lug nuts and flat washer-bear­ing sur­face. This pre­serves Ford-man­dated clamp­ing force for ride, han­dling, safety and good looks. To fit th­ese beefy tires, Roush adds body color matched fender flares. They’re so well done they look fac­tory—be­cause they sort of are. The fi­nal ad­di­tion to the un­der­side of the trucks is a Dpf-back stain­less steel ex­haust sys­tem with dual tips that both look good and sound great. You’ll not have trou­ble from any state or fed­eral agency.

Be­yond the un­der­body, Roush adds an in­cred­i­bly bold sig­na­ture Roush grille with in­te­grated 3-bulb ac­cent light­ing. Plus there’s a front bumper cover that is com­pat­i­ble with Ford’s adap­tive cruise con­trol. What about the sparkly stuff? On the out­side you have many choices, from a wind­screen ban­ner to a large Roush bed­side logo or blacked-out rocker pan­els with Roush logo (you can’t have both), and if you want their full body side stripe, you lose the big logo. They’re con­cerned about the truck’s ap­pear­ance and want ev­ery Roush truck to look the way they de­signed them to look. At the fac­tory, our photo truck had a full-length au­to­matic pow­ered run­ning board. Open­ing the door au­to­mat­i­cally ex­tended the step, mak­ing en­try into the lifted truck eas­ier. As it’s not on their web page, it may be a dealer-or­dered op­tion.

In­side, where you’ll live, are Roush-em­broi­dered head­rests, a con­sole badge with se­rial num­ber, and Weathertech mats with Roush lo­gos. A cou­ple of other op­tions are avail­able: a fully- equipped off-road re­cov­ery pack­age with gloves, tow hooks, ratchet tie-down straps, flash­light and jumper ca­bles in a bag, or a sturdy lock­able cen­ter con­sole vault with four-digit com­bi­na­tion lock. That’s for your pass­port, not your Glock. Pric­ing for your pre-or­dered truck adds $13,880, plus a trans­porta­tion cost of $1,000 and any op­tions you’ve added.

We haven’t had an op­por­tu­nity for a trail test, but we are surely try­ing to get a day or more be­hind the wheel of what looks to be a win­ning and win­some ver­sion of the Su­per Duty.

Re­plac­ing the Ford logo with Roush gives no­tice that this is a very spe­cial F-250, and the bumper cover is trans­par­ent to radar-based adap­tive cruise con­trol.

De­pend­ing on how you check the op­tion boxes, your Roush HD truck can have Mango pin­stripes along the body and out­lin­ing a black­out rocker panel with Roush printed in con­trast­ing color. There are many op­tions… but not too many.

Al­though cos­metic ap­pear­ance is im­por­tant, func­tional things like this op­tional au­to­matic run­ning board/step en­hance the use­ful­ness of a lifted truck. If you look closely, you can see the up­graded Roush/fox dampers that per­fectly fit the lifted body.

If you are very lucky or, bet­ter yet, very well con­nected, you may get Jack Roush to sign your truck. (But, don’t hold your breath.—ed.)

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