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The world is chang­ing and do­ing so in quite dra­matic fash­ion. Things are not the same as they used to be. We are evolv­ing as hu­man be­ings and be­gin­ning to un­der­stand that there is much more to us and be­ing hu­man than we pre­vi­ously thought. In the past two decades we’ve learned that we not only have a phys­i­cal body, but also a men­tal body, an emo­tional body, and a spir­i­tual body. We’ve learned that, in order to be truly happy, one has to honor each of these bod­ies by pay­ing at­ten­tion to them and work­ing on and within them. The re­sult of ac­knowl­edg­ing that you have these dif­fer­ent bod­ies and nat­u­ral con­clu­sion to work­ing with each of them is the cul­ti­va­tion of in­ner peace within you.

Some peo­ple mis­take hap­pi­ness as the end goal when the re­al­ity is that hap­pi­ness is merely one trib­u­tary of the river of peace. To be truly happy, one has to have the cul­ti­va­tion of in­ner peace rank­ing higher in im­por­tance than the pur­suit of hap­pi­ness as a goal.

Since the cul­ti­va­tion of in­ner peace is a life­long goal and most peo­ple are in­ces­santly busy then we have to cre­ate short­cuts to ac­cess these var­i­ous bod­ies within your con­scious­ness. A good short cut can up­grade your con­scious­ness and help you to make per­ma­nent, pos­i­tive changes that en­hance your life­style.

Here are 3 Quick Tips to Up­grade Your Con­scious­ness

TIP 1: RAPID BELLY BREATH­ING – Tra­di­tion­ally, this is a Vedic Sci­ence adopted by the Yo­gis around 5,000 years ago. There are var­i­ous tech­niques rang­ing in du­ra­tion and in­ten­sity from hours on end de­signed to go deep into your con­scious­ness to a mere sixty sec­onds de­signed to bring you back to the present mo­ment. What I am sug­gest­ing is five quick min­utes done when­ever you feel anx­i­ety, de­pres­sion, com­pul­sion, anger, or any other un­wanted emo­tion. This ex­er­cise is very sim­ple: sit in a med­i­ta­tive pos­ture, prefer­ably alone for five min­utes, and breathe in and out rapidly through your nose and into your stom­ach. You do not need to breathe deeply into your stom­ach. Do­ing so is healthy and ben­e­fi­cial,

but that’s for an­other ex­er­cise. For now, you are at­tempt­ing to pull the breath down into your pelvis, to­wards your per­ineum. Do­ing this rapid breath­ing ex­er­cise for five short min­utes will fully cen­ter you, com­pletely elim­i­nate any and all feel­ings of anx­i­ety and de­pres­sion, and bring you back into the present mo­ment. Do this ex­er­cise when­ever you feel any neg­a­tive emo­tion and you will be well on your path to cre­at­ing the feel­ing of con­sis­tent in­ner peace.

TIP 2: COULD I LET THIS GO? – A star­tling rev­e­la­tion for many is the re­al­iza­tion that the ego en­joys re­hash­ing prob­lems. In fact, the ego thrives on re­hash­ing prob­lems and is­sues. Why? It’s be­cause the act of re­hash­ing is­sues over and over again en­sures its sur­vival. This is also why some peo­ple can go to the same ther­a­pist for decades on end and still need that ther­a­pist’s sup­port. In­stead of au­then­tic deep work and in­te­gra­tion, the ego has adopted the ther­apy as part of its iden­tity. Rather, what if all it took was the con­sis­tent let­ting go of is­sues to be per­ma­nently done with them? What if try­ing to in­tel­lec­tu­ally un­der­stand the is­sue was ac­tu­ally per­pet­u­at­ing its ex­is­tence? In one of the most bizarre twists in the his­tory of hu­man evo­lu­tion it turns out that we can be­gin to heal our­selves at the deep­est level when we cease the need to un­der­stand the is­sue. In­stead, ask your­self this ques­tion: could I al­low this is­sue to come up to the sur­face to be here with me as best I can? Af­ter a minute ask your­self an­other ques­tion: could I let this go? Fi­nally, ask your­self, would I be will­ing to let this go? Five min­utes of do­ing this could very well yield the same re­sults as five years of the old meth­ods of tra­di­tional ther­apy. When you al­low your is­sue to be with you un­con­di­tion­ally you may ac­tu­ally en­counter the sup­pressed emo­tional charge be­hind it. If you are able to fully sur­ren­der to it when it sur­faces then it will move through you, yield­ing a per­ma­nent in­te­gra­tion. Do­ing this when­ever you feel un­com­fort­able emo­tions will give you a per­ma­nent up­grade in your con­scious­ness.

TIP 3: STORY MON­I­TOR – Have you ever paid at­ten­tion to the sheer num­ber of sto­ries your mind cre­ates through­out the day? If you pay at­ten­tion, which means be­ing con­scious of your thoughts, you will come to rec­og­nize that your mind is in­ces­santly cre­at­ing and at­tach­ing sto­ries to the var­i­ous peo­ple and sce­nar­ios that you en­counter through­out your day. None of these sto­ries has any ba­sis in re­al­ity as they are all based upon the sup­pressed emo­tional charges and sub­con­scious emo­tional pat­tern­ing from your past. What would hap­pen if you could be­gin to drop each of these sto­ries as you be­come aware of them? What if, each time you caught your­self in the mid­dle of one of these self cre­ated sto­ries about the per­son stand­ing next to you, you were able to sim­ply let it fall away? As it turns out, if you can do this, you will feel much more peace­ful. Ad­di­tion­ally, your in­ter­ac­tions with the peo­ple around you will be much more pro­duc­tive and pos­i­tive. Try it for just one day, try be­com­ing aware of and drop­ping the sto­ries as they come up. See if you can ac­tu­ally catch your­self in the process of cre­at­ing sto­ries and sim­ply let them fall away. If you can do it for one day, then go for three. Then, go for a whole week. Do­ing this is an easy, ac­ces­si­ble way to up­grade your con­scious­ness. The re­sults will be less en­ergy ex­pended in neg­a­tive wor­ry­ing about other peo­ple, places, and things, and more en­ergy avail­able for you to con­tinue cre­at­ing what you want.


The joy of do­ing these quick, easy ex­er­cises is to ac­cess and bring back the magic in your life. Life was meant to be full of magic and fun and too of­ten we wind up in the realm of the ego: where dwell se­ri­ous­ness, stress, anx­i­ety, de­pres­sion, and frus­tra­tion. With as lit­tle as five min­utes here, five min­utes there, your life will be­gin to take on that mag­i­cal qual­ity so that you can en­joy your­self and your life­style with­out feel­ing like an emo­tional hostage any longer. You will be on the road to au­then­tic in­ner peace and emo­tional free­dom.

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