Free Solo

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Do you have ver­tigo? No? Good. Then you’re in for an amaz­ing, ex­hil­a­rat­ing doc­u­men­tary. Alex Hon­nold is a pro­fes­sional climber who likes to move on up “free solo” — i.e., he doesn’t use a har­ness or rope. His ver­sion of Ever­est is the gran­ite face of El Cap­i­tan in Yosemite Na­tional Park. For the main event, he at­tempts to scale all 3,000 ver­ti­cal feet of it, know­ing that one mis­step will seal his fate. There wouldn’t be a movie if he failed, but that doesn’t make his try any less of a, er, cliff-hanger.

Hon­nold, 33, is the first per­son to com­plete the climb alone and with no rope.

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