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Q I like Michael Weatherly and his CBS show Bull. But I do not un­der­stand the three-day beard. It does noth­ing for his ap­pear­ance.

A I’m not a huge fan of the un­shaven look my­self, but shows, like peo­ple, use fash­ion to send a mes­sage. And one of the mes­sages Bull is send­ing you is that its main char­ac­ter is a man who keeps up with trends and pays at­ten­tion to his ap­pear­ance. Oh, and the other mes­sage it may be send­ing you is that the star thinks he looks good in a three-day beard and wants to wear one. Still, ei­ther way, it doesn’t hurt to voice your ob­jec­tion: If enough peo­ple hate the al­most-beard, the al­most-beard even­tu­ally will go.

Q Our lo­cal PBS sta­tion al­ready has jumped to all-kids pro­gram­ming on its dig­i­tal sub­chan­nel. The good: WordGirl is back on ev­ery day! The bad: Fewer re­peats of Master­piece and other adult pro­gram­ming. Is PBS at­tempt­ing to drive view­ers to its on­line streams?

A I wouldn’t think so. For one thing, PBS doesn’t charge for its on­line, on-de­mand stream, so driv­ing view­ers there wouldn’t seem to of­fer PBS any par­tic­u­lar ad­van­tage. And for an­other, be­cause PBS is not de­pen­dent on ad­ver­tis­ing, it gen­er­ally doesn’t think of “driv­ing ” view­ers places. Call me naïve, but my be­lief is that PBS launched PBS Kids, its 24/7 kids pro­gram­ming ser­vice, be­cause the ex­ec­u­tives thought there was a need for a free chan­nel of­fer­ing ed­u­ca­tional chil­dren’s pro­gram­ming all day, ev­ery day. And I can’t say I dis­agree.

QI like the TBS se­ries The Li­brar­ian, but I love the Li­brar­ian movies. Are they go­ing to make more movies or con­tinue the TV show?

A I’m glad you like TBS’ Li­brar­ian se­ries, be­cause it has just been re­newed. While that doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily mean TBS won’t also make an­other movie, it does make do­ing so less likely.


Daniel Tiger’s Neigh­bor­hood has its home on PBS Kids, a 24/7 kids’ dig­i­tal sub­chan­nel.

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