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S PORTS 6C USA TODAY F R I DAY, S E PT E MBER 2 5 , 2 0 2 0 ❚ ❚ To view more Classified listings, visit: classified­ BUSINESS BUSINESS SERVICES PERSONALS NOTICES HEALTH/FITNESS MARKETPLAC­E PUBLIC NOTICE JEWELRY HAVE SEIZURE DISORDER & NO HEALTH INSURANCE? SEE A NEUROLOGIS­T WITH AFFORDABLE PAYMENT PLAN. CALL 1-833-457-0187 FOR MORE INFORMATIO­N. BUSINESS OPPORTUNIT­IES BEAUTIFUL ASIAN WOMEN Attention Desire friendship, romance! Free brochure. Since 1991. Send S.A.S.E to: P.I.C., BOX 4601- USA, Thousand Oaks CA 91359. UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE Restaurant Owners & Grocers Make up to $7,000 per Week Without Speaking to Anyone? 69,000 people suffer preventabl­e or premature deaths every year as a direct result of our health care system. This loss of lives can be prevented by expanding Medicare eligibilit­y to 65 plus all uninsured Americans. Fund by taxing capital gains the same as other income. Top Prices Paid • 30 Year Business Jewelry • Diamonds Coins • Watches • Old Gold And other merchants who offer delivery 805- 492- 8040 ATTENTION Let us be your delivery service provider. YOU WILL SAVE! Honest – Safe – Fast - FREE Shipping Kit Next Day Payment Legal, ethical & fun! If you’ve had Hernia Surgery and have experience­d any Bonuses available. Not MLM. Website reveals all! Optional: Earn Residual Income Several Ways! CAREERS BOOKS/PUBLICATIO­NS COMPLICATI­ONS fastcashdo­ 800-284-1939 Affiliate Opp EMPLOYMENT SECONDARY BREAK 818-791-0187 24/7 Info at: you may be entitled to Thehumanri­ SIGNIFICAN­T CASH COMPENSATI­ON. An NBA Dad’s Stor y Rideshare Drivers FINANCIAL Turn $99 into Make 100% of Fare & Tip written by: Marvin Williams Sr. ANNOUNCEME­NTS Delivery Drivers Make Top Dollar $3K-$5K+MO. This book is about a young man and his love for basketball. It will show you how ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE when you continue to follow your passion. Available for purchase at and pot’l CALL THE HERNIA MESH HELPLINE NOW AT Are you getting hit with high interest rates because of a low credit score? Improve it today! LAUNCHING WORLDWIDE HAVE YOU BEEN CLASSIFIED AS A HIGH RISK DRIVER DUE TO DUI, DWI OR TICKETS FOR AGGRESSIVE DRIVING? 880000--447788--77117766 1000’s of drivers wanted countrywid­e! Delivery now; rideshare later. BarnesAndN­ COMPLETE DETAILS … TEXT “I have $99” to 801-230-3595 TALCUM POWDER SETTLEMENT Optional: Earn Residual Income Several Ways! Direct Mktg Opp FREE Consultati­on FREE Credit Evaluation 24/7 Info at 818-791-0176 Include Name+Email Address INVESTMENT­S GET NOTICED! 800-852-4931 Serenity is here to help by making SR-22 insurance easy to get and affordable for everyone. SUCCESSFUL ADVERTISEM­ENTS start with USA TODAY Marketplac­e If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using talcum based products you may be entitled to significan­t compensati­on WELL ESTABLISHE­D FEMALE OWNED & OPERATED IMPROVE YOUR CREDIT SCORE Advertise in USA TODAY’s Marketplac­e! Custom Home Builder in Lexington, SC. Call:1-800-397-0070 Hottest Home Market in SC Seeking Angel Investor 800-509-9315 800-208-3526 Jenny@epichomesl­ www.EpicHomesS­ 1-800-397-0070 THE CALL & QUOTE ARE FREE.

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