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Wil­son’s Harry Mudd makes his en­trance into CBS All Ac­cess' “Star Trek: Dis­cov­ery," he does so in dra­matic fash­ion, step­ping onto a cargo bay deck through the mouth of a gor­ma­gan­der. The fic­tional crea­ture is re­ferred to in the episode and by the show’s cre­ative team as a “space whale” and looks the way it sounds: Pic­ture a whale re­designed to swim through space in­stead of water. “Dis­cov­ery” writ­ers dreamed up the crea­ture as a way for Mudd to sneak on board in an episode where he at­tempts to take over the show’s star­ship. The gor­ma­gan­der is the cen­tral el­e­ment of what quickly be­comes an ac­tion scene when Mudd be­gins fir­ing at crew mem­bers. Ini­tially at­tempted as a prac­ti­cal ef­fect, it was ul­ti­mately ex­e­cuted by the show’s dig­i­tal- ef­fects team.

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