Kier­nan Shipka

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Shipka spent seven sea­sons on AMC’S “Mad Men,” lit­er­ally grow­ing up in front of the cam­era, and has suc­cess­fully tran­si­tioned to more ma­ture roles in “Feud” and “The Chilling Ad­ven­tures of Sab­rina.” “My philosophy was al­ways to never be in a rush,” Shipka says; but it was also im­por­tant to her to main­tain a “nor­mal child­hood” out­side of her job. Valu­ing her time off­set, Shipka “went to school dances, took tennis and taek­wondo, did theater and hung out with my friends a lot,” and ad­vises other young ac­tors to sim­i­larly do what­ever they can to “have a full life ex­pe­ri­ence.” When it comes to choos­ing roles, she looks for projects from which she can take “valu­able, positive things,” as well as ones that will help her set a good ex­am­ple. “I’m re­ally ex­cited to play this part, par­tic­u­larly be­cause I think she’s such a strong young girl, and I think it’s im­por­tant for as many of those roles as pos­si­ble to be put out there,” she says of Sab­rina.

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