How is pan­cake syrup dif­fer­ent from maple syrup? Can I use them in place of each other?

— Trudy Baker, Prov­i­dence, RI

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PAN­CAKE SYRUP — the sweet, thick con­coc­tion made by brands like Mrs. But­ter­worth’s and Aunt Jemima — is mostly corn syrup and ar­ti­fi­cial maple fla­vor. It isn’t much like pure maple syrup at all. We don’t rec­om­mend you use it in place of maple syrup, es­pe­cially when fla­vor is an im­por­tant fac­tor. Maple syrup is made through a process of col­lect­ing sap from maple trees, then boil­ing it un­til thick and syrupy. It’s graded, de­pend­ing on where it’s from, and ac­cord­ing to color and fla­vor. The light am­ber-col­ored syrup has a mild fla­vor, and the dark-col­ored syrup has a mo­lasses-like fla­vor. Be­cause the process of mak­ing pure maple syrup is la­bor­in­ten­sive, it can be quite ex­pen­sive, but the re­sults of us­ing it are well worth it. Plus, when stored in the re­frig­er­a­tor, it keeps for up to a year. It’s de­li­cious in place of pan­cake syrup on pan­cakes and waf­fles. Also try it in the MapleWal­nut Bars on page 15.

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