Sautéed Gnoc­chi

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If time is of the essence, skip the temp­ta­tion to sim­ply re­heat the gnoc­chi in sim­mer­ing water. There’s a bet­ter op­tion — just sauté the dumplings in a lit­tle but­ter or olive oil.

Be sure the gnoc­chi are cold. If cold, they’re less likely to stick to the skil­let, mak­ing them eas­ier to sauté. Pop them in the fridge for an hour.

Use a non­stick skil­let. Gnoc­chi are no­to­ri­ous for stick­ing to the skil­let’s sur­face and leav­ing their crispy sautéed coat­ing be­hind. A non­stick skil­let in­creases your chances of en­joy­ing the fruits of your sautéing labors.

For more fla­vor, toss the gnoc­chi with a lit­tle Parmesan cheese and fresh herbs while still warm.

Sauté lit­er­ally means “to jump” in French. Flip the gnoc­chi in the pan by push­ing the pan away.

Now, quickly pull the pan back to you, or just gen­tly stir the dumplings fre­quently, in­stead.

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