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Mak­ing gnoc­chi Parisi­enne (French-style) is as easy as fol­low­ing four sim­ple steps.

1. Once the flour forms a ball around the spoon, con­tinue stir­ring it over low heat to dry the dough. A film will form on the pan, a sign the dough is dry­ing as it cooks. 2. After the dough rests, be­gin beat­ing in the eggs. It’ll look cur­dled but will come to­gether as you add the eggs. By the time you beat in the third egg, it will be a sticky paste. 3. If the dough forms this “V” shape when lifted with a spoon, it’s ready. If not, add some of the re­main­ing egg, beat, and test again. Re­peat un­til you get the “V” shape. 4. When bub­bles break just be­fore hit­ting the sur­face, pipe gnoc­chi into the water. They’ll sink to the bot­tom and float when done; im­me­di­ately shock in an ice water bath.

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