Rid­ers on the Storm

Kick­ing back with surf­ing greats Tom Car­roll and Ross Clarke-Jones

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Surf leg­ends Tom Car­roll and Ross Clarke-Jones teamed up to film Storm Surfers 3D— an ac­tion-packed doc­u­men­tary that fol­lowed the two iconic big wave surfers on their quest for the world’s big­gest waves. Get your copy of the DVD when it comes out on Aug. 6. Mean­while, we had the chance to catch up with the duo when they paid O‘ahu a visit.

Waikiki Mag­a­zine: You were both do­ing the World Tour in the ’80s and ’90s when the com­pe­ti­tion was be­tween surfers. What made you choose to pur­sue big wave surf­ing and com­pete with Mother Na­ture in­stead?

Ross Clarke-Jones: I was sort of one of those guys who was in it for the life­style … I en­joyed the Tour for what it was and never re­ally did that well in com­pe­ti­tion. But my first pas­sion and love was for rid­ing big waves …

In 1995, I fin­ished the tour. My spon­sor, Quik­sil­ver, pretty much said, yeah, you’re not do­ing that well in the Tour. You ride big waves, let’s go and just shoot it and doc­u­ment it that way … That’s when my life be­gan re­ally. I went from a strug­gling pro surfer to a strug­gling big wave surfer. In 2001 when I won the Ed­die Aikau, it changed my life.

Tom Car­roll: I think that I was al­ready kind of there, do­ing it. I nat­u­rally kind of liked that feel­ing of be­ing in the ocean, of be­ing adrenal­ized and push­ing my­self. It ul­ti­mately started as an ex­ten­sion of us­ing my skills that I al­ready had de­vel­oped and push­ing that in­ten­sity out there, so big wave rid­ing was sort of just a nat­u­ral pro­gres­sion for me.

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