Faith in God Is A Won­der­ful Force, An An­chor To Life

Washington County Enterprise-Leader - - OPINION - Ron Wood Colum­nist

It al­ways amazes me to run into folks who trust in make-be­lieve and non­sense. I mean, how can they be so mis­guided?

If you lis­ten to them dis­cuss what they be­lieve, you won­der if they ever went to school. You ques­tion if they’re able to think for them­selves. You won­der who it is that has been think­ing for them all these years, fel­low air­heads?

At best, they have slo­gans for the­ol­ogy, bumper-sticker be­liefs, or shal­low ex­am­ined creeds. They be­lieve it! Why? Be­cause they be­lieve it! They sub­sti­tute their opin­ions and feel­ings for solid be­liefs. Their thoughts started as soft as cot­ton candy, yet over time, these airy no­tions got fixed in their mind like solid ce­ment — thor­oughly mixed up and firmly set. Sadly, not grounded, not real; of no help.

Faith is a won­der­ful force when it is an­chored in re­al­ity. It is use­less to have faith in some­one who is not there, like the man be­hind the cur­tain in the Wizard of Oz. It is of no use to put your faith in so-called facts if the facts have not been vet­ted as be­ing true. We hu­mans seem to have a ca­pac­ity to de­ceive our­selves; to be­lieve some­thing we want to be true rather than test our be­liefs un­til we know they are solid. This is a big dilemma. What is the source of your faith? What do you base your faith on? Does your faith stand on solid ground?

Ev­ery­one has faith! All peo­ple have an abil­ity to be­lieve. They also have the power to di­rect their faith. When you walk across the room to flip a light switch, you be­lieve the light will come on, right? You ex­er­cised faith or else you would not have both­ered to get up and go to the switch. The ques­tion is, in what do we place our faith? An even bet­ter ques­tion is, in whom do we trust?

Faith is the act of be­liev­ing what you know to be true, or as­sent­ing to what you have heard as a fact, or re­ly­ing upon ev­i­dence that has con­vinced you. Faith causes you to de­posit money in the bank, know­ing it will be there when you go back for it, write a check, or use your debit card. If you can be­lieve that, then you can also be­lieve in more im­por­tant things.

Don’t lie to your­self and say, “I don’t have faith.” You do have faith! Per­haps you haven’t based your be­liefs cor­rectly in re­vealed, re­li­able truth or you haven’t yet in­vested your faith in the right Per­son.

Faith can’t be sec­ond­hand. It must be au­then­tic, orig­i­nal, from your own heart and mind. Faith is an ex­pres­sion of an inter-per­sonal re­la­tion­ship, like the love and trust you have with a faith­ful spouse. I have faith in God be­cause I know him. Over time, I learned his word and saw how won­der­fully con­sis­tent this walk of faith is with cre­ation, life, logic, and spir­i­tual re­al­ity.

Faith that is an­chored in God be­comes like a life­line into an in­vis­i­ble realm. It is no longer a leap in the dark, but firm re­liance on the trust­wor­thy char­ac­ter of the per­son who spoke it or gave it. Faith is both a gift and a loan. Faith it­self comes from God. He ex­er­cises faith all the time. He speaks, and be­lieves his own word. He knows you, and watches to see if he can trust you. Here is what I know for sure…. Spend time with God. He has all the faith you need!


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