Washington County Enterprise-Leader - - SCHOOL - Es­say By Sa­man­tha Brye

I be­lieve that veter­ans are Amer­ica’s he­roes. Do you think that veter­ans are Amer­ica’s he­roes? Veter­ans are Amer­ica’s he­roes for many rea­sons. They are pa­tri­otic, brave, and they made sac­ri­fices.

To me veter­ans are very pa­tri­otic. Both of my grand­pas are veter­ans and they seem very pa­tri­otic. Ev­ery time I see them they are al­ways wear­ing a hat that honors the United States of Amer­ica. I have also no­ticed that veter­ans re­spect the flag. I see veter­ans all the time salut­ing and putting their hand on their heart when they see the flag. It is pretty ob­vi­ous that veter­ans love our coun­try.

In my opin­ion veter­ans are very brave. When veter­ans went to war, they knew that they were up against sol­diers big­ger and stronger than them. But, they still fought for our coun­try so we can be free. Some of those veter­ans even died fight­ing for our free­dom. Ev­ery sin­gle day the veter­ans would risk their life for our free­dom. They didn’t play around. Some­one once said, “He­roes don’t wear capes and tights, they wear dog tags and com­bat boots.”

As I see it, veter­ans made a lot of sac­ri­fices. When they went to war, they went far away from home. They didn’t get to see their fam­ily or friends for a very long time. They might have been fight­ing and liv­ing in a dif­fer­ent coun­try far away. A lot of veter­ans have died fight­ing for us and our coun­try. That is a gi­ant sac­ri­fice. Veter­ans are true he­roes.

Are you con­vinced that veter­ans are Amer­ica’s he­roes? All veter­ans are pa­tri­otic, brave, and made sac­ri­fices. I am very glad to know the veter­ans I know. Win­ston Churchill once said, “Never was so much owed by so many to so few.” Be­cause of veter­ans, we are free.

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