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I am hap­pily sur­prised at how eas­ily our GMC Yukon (Traveler) pulled the trailer (La Ca­sita) over the moun­tain passes.

I faced my first ma­jor con­cern of the trip as we drove over Wolf Creek Pass, just north of Pagosa Springs, Colo. I had gone over the pass many times, but not while pulling a trailer. How­ever, my con­cerns were un­founded: As we passed other over-heated cars (that were not pulling a trailer) on the side of the road, our 5,400-pound Yukon pulled the 4,500-pound trailer over the steep eight-mile in­cline to al­most 11,000 feet al­ti­tude with no prob­lem. Nor­mally driv­ing in ei­ther the sixth or sev­enth gear while pulling the trailer, we dropped only to fourth and fifth gears dur­ing the climb, and the en­gine tem­per­a­ture raised only 25 de­grees. I was a happy camper! (I didn’t need to stop and help the stalled driv­ers, for their help had al­ready ar­rived. We were not cal­lously ig­nor­ing them.)

We en­coun­tered sev­eral mi­nor climbs and passes on our way to Buena Vista, Colo., and sev­eral stiff climbs from there to Den­ver; but we were not in a hurry and the en­gine heated up only 15 de­grees above nor­mal.

We have not en­coun­tered any harsh winds yet; there­fore, thanks to the sway bars, La Ca­sita has swayed very lit­tle. We check the weather re­port ev­ery day to see what kind of weather we might en­counter; but if we are caught off-guard and if the trailer be­gins to sway, all I have to do is to push two levers near the steer­ing wheel and power will be ap­plied to the trailer’s brakes which will stop the mo­tion. This car was built from the bot­tom up to han­dle the load.

The Yukon has … let me in­ter­rupt my­self. I am not paid to ad­ver­tise the GMC Yukon. I am merely re­lat­ing my ex­pe­ri­ences, feel­ings and thoughts. Now, where was I? Oh yes …

The Yukon has many fea­tures that make it an ideal ve­hi­cle to pull a trailer. Although it is built to pull up to 8,000 pounds, La Ca­sita is only 4,500 pounds with all of our stuff in it. There­fore, as long as I treat the car prop­erly, change oil reg­u­larly, keep air in both trailer and car tires to the proper pres­sure, etc., the car should last quite a while.

Yes, I un­der­stand that un­fore­seen events hap­pen. Me­chan­i­cal things some­times break down and many kinds of prob­lems can oc­cur. But with our eight-year GMC war­ranty and our AAA insurance cov­er­age, I should have no ma­jor prob­lems.

Tow­ing the trailer is an easy pull for the Yukon.

But all this re­minds me of our hu­man life.

Do you know that God made hu­mans to nor­mally last a long time? The Bi­ble in­fers that God orig­i­nally made us to live for­ever. How­ever, since Adam in­tro­duced sin into the hu­man race, the Bi­ble says in Psalm 90:10 (around 1400 BC or BCE), “Seventy years are given to us. Some live to eighty. But even the best years are filled with pain and trou­ble; soon they dis­ap­pear, and we fly away.”

My mother and grand­par­ents lived into their 90s, and my fa­ther lived to 89, but some folk over­heat and stall out along the side of life much ear­lier. Longevity of life of­ten de­pends on ge­net­ics – I un­der­stand that. But many peo­ple seem to just give up on life.

I’ve read that some sol­diers in World War II with seem­ingly mor­tal wounds sur­vived be­cause they were de­ter­mined to sur­vive; while some oth­ers with no wounds pulled the cover over their heads and died. They just gave up, and that is dis­gust­ing.

As long as we are alive, most of us have the abil­i­ties to ac­com­plish amaz­ing feats. Like the Yukon, God made us to be re­silient from the bot­tom up.

Life can present a tem­po­rary stall out, a long-term burnout, or a fa­tal crash – it of­ten de­pends on our out­look on life. But when we look at life on the pos­i­tive side of the pic­ture, life can be a rel­a­tively easy pull up the moun­tain.

Of course, we need to take care of our­selves. Eat prop­erly, rest ad­e­quately, ex­er­cise, keep worry to a min­i­mum — or don’t worry at all — and keep a joy­ful at­ti­tude dur­ing tough times. The Bi­ble says a joy­ful at­ti­tude is good medicine. So co­op­er­ate with God, and take care of your­selves.

Happy Trails To You, ‘Til We Meet Again — next week.


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