A Fierce, Spir­i­tual Bat­tle For The Soul Of Amer­ica

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We are in the mid­dle of an enor­mous spir­i­tual bat­tle for the soul of Amer­ica. The ob­vi­ous ev­i­dence is be­ing played out on tele­vi­sion every day. This con­test de­ter­mines who will gov­ern Amer­ica.

One of the driv­ing forces pop­u­lar­ized by the mind­less me­dia is sex­ual lib­er­tar­i­an­ism. This move­ment wants to cast off all re­straint. Noth­ing is im­moral. Noth­ing is a sin. To hell with the con­se­quences. “You have no right to judge me!” I an­swer to no one. Any­thing goes. The only trans­gres­sion is for a man to vi­o­late a “#MeToo” bound­ary — preda­tory sex — like Bill Cosby or Har­vey We­in­stein were ac­cused of.

In this pro­gres­sive era, for many women, the most valu­able le­gal pro­tec­tion is the right to have an abor­tion. Hence the bloody Ka­vanaugh bat­tle.

To un­der­stand this move­ment, we need to re­al­ize that sex­u­al­ity with­out re­straint and abor­tion (ter­mi­nat­ing un­born ba­bies) are re­lated to each other. If there were not un­mar­ried sex, there would not be un­wanted ba­bies, thus few (if any) abor­tions. Tra­di­tion­ally, sex, like ba­bies, was pre­served for cou­ples in covenant: a man and a woman mar­ried to each other. But not so any more.

Abor­tion is now a le­gal right al­though not morally right. Why do fem­i­nists (both male and fe­male lib­er­als) fight for this right? Why were they afraid of Judge Ka­vanaugh? He’s a man. He’s a hus­band and fa­ther (two roles ul­tra-fem­i­nists de­value). He’s mar­ried. He’s a Con­sti­tu­tional con­ser­va­tive. He’s a Catholic Chris­tian with con­vic­tions. His ju­di­cial men­tal­ity is to rule based on law, not emo­tions.

The fact is, an un­wanted preg­nancy is a bur­den, es­pe­cially to an un­mar­ried woman. I’ve been writ­ing about ab­sen­tee fa­thers for decades. The re­search proves sin­gle moms are driven into poverty. This fact drives the abor­tion rights move­ment. Sex out­side of mar­riage has be­come con­nected to a woman’s right to have an abor­tion. It’s all one pack­age. If men wouldn’t im­preg­nate women they are not mar­ried to, or if women with­held sex un­til mar­riage, the abor­tion prob­lem is mostly solved. An old­fash­ioned so­lu­tion.

Mar­riage be­tween men and women as a so­cial norm; moral virtue, self-con­trol, vir­gin­ity, and pro­tect­ing a young man’s or woman’s pu­rity: these are an­ti­thet­i­cal to mod­ern lib­er­tar­i­ans or pro­gres­sives.

Like Judge Ka­vanaugh, I was a vir­gin in high school. I was mar­ried at age 21 while in the mid­dle of col­lege. My wife and I to­gether dis­cov­ered God’s great gift of sex­ual plea­sure for mar­ried cou­ples. As a pas­tor and life­long Bi­ble stu­dent, I have come to be­lieve in the idea of “sa­cred sex.” I be­lieve that there is a bound­ary around this great gift of our Cre­ator to hu­man­ity. Within that bound­ary, bless­ings abound.

Sev­eral years ago, I wrote an ar­ti­cle en­ti­tled “Sex with Thou­sands.” I talked about the dan­gers of im­moral­ity and promis­cu­ity and the bad con­se­quences to our health and our so­cial sta­bil­ity for trans­gress­ing sa­cred boundaries. For a gen­er­a­tion or more, we’ve seen an enor­mous drama played out on the na­tional stage over this is­sue. The con­flict has been cultural, moral, le­gal, and has enor­mous fi­nan­cial costs of wel­fare plus con­se­quences for chil­dren be­ing raised with­out fa­thers. At its core was this fight over the free­dom to do what we want sex­u­ally with our bod­ies, es­pe­cially for women. Yet the best re­search shows that the hap­pi­est and most sex­u­ally ful­filled peo­ple are mar­ried cou­ples.

Free­dom to be sex­u­ally pro­mis­cu­ous and to abort an un­wanted preg­nancy at will — this is the bat­tle that was fought against a per­ceived threat to that free­dom by the ap­point­ment of Brett Ka­vanagh to the Supreme Court of the United States by Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump. RON WOOD IS AN AU­THOR AND RE­TIRED PAS­TOR. CON­TACT HIM AT WOOD.STONE.RON@ GMAIL.COM OR VISIT WWW. TOUCHEDBYGRACE.ORG. THE OPIN­IONS EX­PRESSED ARE THOSE OF THE AU­THOR.

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