Class Act

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My dad gave me a [Rolex] GMT while in Ju­nior High School 1967. All my life I have had a GMT on my wrist along with the Sub­mariner. My new­est GMT is the black & blue bezel (Bat­man). I had rid­den my moun­tain bike across the con­ti­nent of Aus­tralia with my 1967 GMT. My first trip was from Syd­ney – Perth, WA. After ar­riv­ing home I re­ceived a let­ter from Rolex ask­ing me if I wouldn’t mind send­ing my watch back to the fac­tory so they could take a look. About six weeks later my watch came back to me. When I first looked at it, I said, this is not my watch. Well, the fac­tory ser­viced it: a new bezel, dial, hands and what­ever they did with the move­ment, not to men­tion pol­ish the case. e in­voice read “0” – no charge. Some­how the fac­tory heard about my ride. at is a class act. I know for a fact that I have more miles on my bi­cy­cles than my car. e pound­ing and bounc­ing around on my wrist for 40 years.

My feel­ing is the best watch on your wrist is one that runs. Whether it be $1,800 or $18,000.

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