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Nearly 19 mm in height is, in fact, more than what we usu­ally see when re­view­ing watches, and the two re­sponses we got from our read­ers show that we prob­a­bly should have pointed this out more clearly. We do know that cer­tain prod­uct spec­i­fi­ca­tions (like wa­ter re­sis­tance, move­ment di­men­sions/con­struc­tion, etc.) and re­quire­ments some­times re­sult in in­creased di­men­sions and/or that some con­sumers pre­fer a more sub­stan­tial dive watch, while oth­ers gen­er­ally pre­fer smaller sizes. It is also in­ter­est­ing to see that both read­ers felt a di­am­e­ter of 46 mm to be less re­mark­able than its height. We do, how­ever, stand by our as­sess­ment that the over­all look is bal­anced and that the watch was sur­pris­ingly com­fort­able on the wrist, de­spite its size, but as al­ways en­cour­age any­one in­ter­ested in buy­ing a watch to try it on at a re­tailer first.

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