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Spring is al­most here. Soon the warm winds will be blow­ing through, bring­ing with them all the sounds of the spring­time. From birds singing to bees buzzing, spring is filled with de­light­ful mu­sic. The sounds of spring can be made even more sweet when you have a beau­ti­ful wind chime hang­ing out­side your win­dow. I just love the sound of the clang­ing chimes as they gen­tly blow in the breeze.

Get your home ready for spring by mak­ing this kid-friendly wind chime craft. Min­nie's Spring­time Wind Chime is a fun craft that will help wel­come spring. Even bet­ter, it can be made al­most en­tirely from ma­te­ri­als that you al­ready have around your house.

For this craft you will need:

a soup can, cleaned and tried thor­oughly

a large nail

a ham­mer

red and white acrylic paint


string, twine or plas­tic lac­ing

2 wash­ers

beads, chimes, bells etc, for hang­ing

plas­tic or silk flow­ers

glue gun


Once the can is cleaned and dried, turn it up­side down. Place the nail in the mid­dle of the can. Gen­tly tap it with a ham­mer un­til you hear a "pop" and a hole is cre­ated.

Fol­low­ing the same method, poke 4 more holes around the rim of the can. We did one on each side. It's a good idea to place a block of wood on the in­side of the can while you're do­ing this. It will pre­vent the can from bend­ing.

Next, paint the out­side of the can red. You may need to do sev­eral coats. If you are plan­ning to hang your wind chime out­side, you need to use an oil based paint. It also may be a good idea to seal it with a clear paint sealant. If you are plan­ning to hang it in­side, a water-based paint may be used in­stead.

Once the red paint is dry and you are sat­is­fied with the color, paint white dots all over the can to mimic Min­nie's dress.

While the dots are dry­ing, string your beads, chimes, bells, what­ever you have cho­sen to be your chimes. Cut at least 6 inches of string to make sure you have enough room to place your chimes and that they will hang nicely from the bot­tom of the can. Knot the ends tightly to pre­vent your chimes from fall­ing off. Tie them to the can.

Tie 2 wash­ers to the end of an­other string. Thread the string through the hole at the top of the can, in­sert­ing through the in­side of the can.

Glue flow­ers to the top of the can to dec­o­rate.

Now all that's left to do is hang it and wait for the spring breezes to blow!

Photo by James Cameron

Photo by James Cameron

Photo by James Cameron

Photo by James Cameron

Photo by James Cameron

Photo by James Cameron

Photo by James Cameron

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