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Cal­lie and Lan­don Parks were spending a day at Hol­ly­wood Stu­dios with their cousin Sadie. Sadie was sup­posed to sing a solo tonight, but right now she could hardly speak.

“Sadie, what did Elsa say to you?” Cal­lie asked. The kids met the Queen of Aren­delle back­stage af­ter the Frozen Sing- Along. Elsa had given Sadie some­thing shiny and whis­pered some­thing in her ear.

Sadie just smiled. “Tell ya later,” she said with a froggy voice. “What’s next?”

“Toy Story Ma­nia,” Lan­don said. “Bet you can’t beat my score, Sadie!”

The group made their way across the park and hopped into the Toy Story Mid­way Ma­nia cars. The ride moved through dif­fer­ent car­ni­val games. Us­ing pull strings, rid­ers could earn points.

Lan­don was al­ways great at this game. He was fast and had good aim.

This time Lan­don rode next to Sadie. Sadie was pulling the string like crazy and looked so happy as she got more and more points. But Lan­don aimed for the low scores and pulled slower than usual.

“So what did you guys get?” Cal­lie asked at the end.

“I beat him!” Sadie croaked.

Lan­don smiled. “It’s true. I just got 185,000. Great job, Sadie!”

They walked out and Cal­lie grabbed her twin’s arm. Sadie skipped ahead. “Lan­don, you al­ways get WAY more points than that,” she whis­pered.

“I know. Sadie’s sad about her voice, and I just wanted her to be happy,” Lan­don shrugged.

“That’s re­ally cool,” Cal­lie said. “I know you like to win, but you shared that hap­pi­ness with her. Re­ally cool.”

“You would’ve done it too,” Lan­don said. “We both love Sadie.” It was true, of course.

Later that night it was time for Sadie’s big show. In front of the Chi­nese The­ater, her sing­ing group lined up on stage. They planned to sing Dis­ney songs along with the


Cal­lie and Lan­don watched from the front row. The mu­sic be­gan softly. The singers were very tal­ented. Soon the fire­works blasted, and the songs g ot louder.

“This is it! Sadie’s song!” Cal­lie shouted. She rec­og­nized the melody from Let It Go. “Sadie must be so ner­vous!”

But Sadie seemed con­fi­dent as she stepped to the front of the stage.

Just when Cal­lie and Lan­don thought she was about to lift the mi­cro­phone to her mouth, sud­denly she turned the mi­cro­phone to the crowd! Sadie was turn­ing the per­for­mance into a sing- along!

“Let it go! Let it go!” Sadie’s sing­ing group sang. “Let it go! Let it go!” the crowd sang along. Sadie held the mi­cro­phone in front of her cousins. “Let it go! Let it go!” Cal­lie and Lan­don sang into it.

When the show ended, Cal­lie and Lan­don rushed up to Sadie.

“That was awe­some!” they said.

“Yes, it was!” said a voice be­hind them. They turned around. Elsa!

Sadie held out a crystal heart with the word LOVE in­side it. “Elsa gave this to me ear­lier. She said that love fixed Aren­delle and love could fix my solo too,” she said.

“Love means shar­ing,” Elsa said. “And tonight your shared your solo - with ev­ery­one! And it made the show bet­ter than ever. Well done!” She gave Sadie a hug, then van­ished again with a swoosh of her cape.

Sadie smiled at her cousins. “What a day!” she said. Her voice was crystal clear.

“Hey, your voice is back!” Lan­don said. He looked at Cal­lie. Maybe there was more magic in Elsa than they re­al­ized.

The cousins hugged and jumped up and down. Or maybe, the real magic was just…. love.

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