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Over the years, Dis­ney has re­leased a lot of Epcot based Vinyl­ma­tions. While many of them fo­cus on the cur­rent at­trac­tions at Epcot, they al­ways love to throw in a few that rep­re­sent at­trac­tions or char­ac­ters of those long lost. This month we are taking a look at a few of those Vinyl­ma­tions, begin­ning with the park’s name.

When Epcot opened in 1982, it was known as EPCOT Cen­ter (un­til 1994). It was de­signed from Walt Dis­ney’s dream of the “Ex­per­i­men­tal City of To­mor­row,” and ini­tial logo and name al­ways had a fu­tur­is­tic look to it. Even tough the name and logo changed, the orig­i­nal name and logo were hon­ored in Park Se­ries #4, and again in Se­ries #8.

Not to be left out of the world of Vinyl­ma­tions, Dis­ney also re­leased a 9” Vinyl­ma­tion that fea­tured the lo­gos of the dif­fer­ent pavil­ions from EPCOT Cen­ter. Many of these haven’t been used in years, so it was a nice ad­di­tion to EPCOT/EPCOT Cen­ter col­lec­tions.

There were al­ways a few long lost char­ac­ters that have been made into Vinyl­ma­tions over the years. While none is big­ger than Dreamfinder, the Hori­zons Ro­bot But­ler was ac­tu­ally made into a Park Starz Vinyl­ma­tion in Park Starz Se­ries #1, bring­ing back a lot of mem­o­ries from the Hori­zons Pavil­ion.

There have been other long lost Epcot at­trac­tion Vinyl­ma­tions that have seen their re­leases over the years, but many of these have been re­leased as sets. Dis­ney has re­lease a Kitchen Kabaret set (based on the at­trac­tion that was re­placed in 1994), a Cra­nium Com­mand set (based on the at­trac­tion that closed in 2007) and the Ta­pes­try of Na­tions Set (based on the Mil­len­nium Cel­e­bra­tion Parade that ran from 1999-2001).

But there’s more! Dis­ney also re­leased a spe­cial Mickey Vinyl­ma­tion in Park Se­ries #8. While Mickey is not gone, Fu­ture World Mickey — with his space suit and rain­bow on the front — ap­pears to be long gone.

In the thirty-four years since the open­ing of EPCOT/EPCOT Cen­ter, Dis­ney has closed a num­ber of at­trac­tions at the park. At­trac­tions will come and go, and along the way, char­ac­ters will be lost. But, there is hope for some of these. Dis­ney has re­cently an­nounced that Epoct will be un­der­go­ing some changes over the next sev­eral years. With that in mind, will we see the re­turn, or at least a men­tion, of some char­ac­ters and at­trac­tions in these up­dates? Of course EPCOT Cen­ter fans can dream, can’t they?

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