Parks in the Parks

Con­ser­va­tion Cham­pi­ons PART 1

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"Go ahead and trans­port the bot­tles to the stor­age build­ing later this af­ter­noon," Mom said into her phone. "I guess there's nothing else we can do for now." She hung up and sighed.

"What's wrong, Mom?" Cal­lie asked.

"Oh, there are a bunch of wa­ter bot­tles left over from a spe­cial event in the An­i­mal King­dom," Mom said. “We have no use for them now that the event is over. It makes me sad be­cause we try to be so care­ful with our con­ser­va­tion ef­forts at Dis­ney World. These ex­tra bot­tles seem so waste­ful."

"That's a bum­mer," Lan­don agreed.

Beep, BEEP. "Gus is here!" Cal­lie bright­ened. "Have fun to­day, kids.” Mom gave them a quick hug.

Cal­lie and Lan­don Parks hopped into the car with Gus, an old friend who took care of them at Dis­ney World while Mom worked on im­por­tant Dis­ney stuff.

"Where to to­day?" Gus asked them.

But Lan­don was look­ing out the win­dow "Gus, what does 'con­ser­va­tion' mean again?"

"Con­ser­va­tion has to do with taking care of the earth," Gus an­swered. "It means try­ing to pre­serve all that is beau­ti­ful in na­ture for our chil­dren and grand­chil­dren." Gus paused. “Let’s go to An­i­mal King­dom to­day, and we can talk more about it there.”

"Per­fect," the twins agreed.

Gus parked close to the en­trance, and the three of them walked right up to the gate. There they no­ticed two kids wear­ing shirts that said “Con­ser­va­tion Cham­pi­ons”.

Lan­don smiled at them. “Wow! How’d you get those shirts?”

“Oh, we won a con­ser­va­tion com­pe­ti­tion at our school. Com­ing to An­i­mal King­dom is our prize,” said a happy girl with long black hair. “My name’s Nina. This is Timmy.”

"That's awe­some," Cal­lie said. “We were just talk­ing about con­ser­va­tion. What did you guys do to win?”

"Well, lots of stuff," Nina said. "We cleaned up trash along the road by our school and we put re­cy­cling cans in all o f the hall­ways."

"And we came up with a plan to save wa­ter by…” Timmy started.

“Sorry to in­ter­rupt,” said the teacher at their side, “But we’ve got to get go­ing! We’ve got a spe­cial ap­point­ment at Con­ser­va­tion Sta­tion start­ing soon.” She gave a con­fused look at a map in her hand. “Now, which way is….”

"We can show you the way," Lan­don said to the teacher. "We get to come to Dis­ney

Parks all the time. B es­ides, we were plan­ning to go to Con­ser­va­tion Sta­tion too."

The twins led every­one past the Tree of Life to the back of the park. Every­one boarded a train out to Rafiki’s Planet Watch, where they would find Con­ser­va­tion Sta­tion.

“Just a quick ride,” Cal­lie as­sured them. “You’ll be there in plenty of time.”

But as soon as the train pulled up to the de­pot, they all knew some­thing was wrong. The guests were frown­ing and mut­ter­ing about wa­ter.

But I’m sooo thirsty! I need to use a re­stroom. No run­ning wa­ter… What will the an­i­mals do?

Cal­lie and Lan­don looked at each other. What was go­ing on?

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