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WDW Magazine - - Contents - BY JEREMY LEIGHTENBERG

“Let it Go, Let it Go”. That song will for­ever be carved into my mem­ory from the amount of times all three of my daugh­ters have ei­ther sang it or watched the movie on re­peat for days un­til we “lost” the DVD for a few weeks. Come to think of it, I don’t think we ever “found” it. Frozen is still any­where and ev­ery­where, and not only at Walt Dis­ney World.

Your kids just made you sit through the Frozen Sing Along at Dis­ney’s Hol­ly­wood Stu­dios and you lis­tened hap­pily to hun­dreds of lit­tle girls and boys sing ev­ery Frozen song from the movie, and you may have even sung along in your head, or ac­ci­den­tally out loud. Now, the sing along is over, and you can hurry out of the the­ater, while sing­ing your fa­vorite song in your head, be­ing care­ful to not run over to many star struck kids, on the way to Toy Story Mid­way Ma­nia and your need to shoot and break things. Maybe you head the op­po­site way and want to watch some younglings live out your very own child­hood dream and dual Darth Vader at the Jedi Train­ing Academy be­cause they don’t let adults fight Vader (we may need to start a pe­ti­tion). Then you stop…

Your child has seen that one Frozen toy that they have never seen be­fore, and will never see again (or at least that’s how they view it). The more time you spend walk­ing around with your lit­tle ones, you start to won­der how many lit­tle Olaf’s are there in­side of this store. I haven’t counted(yet), but I can guar­an­tee you it’s a lot. Af­ter you con­tin­u­ally walk around, and your child has some­how handed you four toys they “need” along with the 5 they are hold­ing, the three your wife has snuck around the store and found, plus the 8 more

your child has been eye­ing and try­ing to fig­ure out how to hold them all at once, you com­pro­mise and only pur­chase three.

You may be ask­ing how three is a com­pro­mise. Well, once you looked to your side and see that lit­tle princess of yours sing­ing her heart out, sing­ing ev­ery word of her fa­vorite Frozen songs, you re­al­ize you would do any­thing for her, and three lit­tle toys to make her day is the least you can do, be­cause she makes your day, ev­ery day.

Frozen Frac­tal Gifts isn’t the big­gest gift shop in Walt Dis­ney World. But with it be­ing sort of a half in­side, half out­side store, it gives it a unique feel­ing while you are walk­ing around. Stop in there, with or without your kids, and see the big smiles of joy on many of the kid’s faces (ig­nor­ing the kids throw­ing tantrums) know­ing you were able to give your own child that same smile mo­ments ear­lier!

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