What symp­toms might I have be­fore and af­ter menopause?

Wellness Update - - Let's Talk Menopause -

The hor­mone changes that hap­pen around menopause af­fect ev­ery woman dif­fer­ently. Also, symp­toms some­times are not caused by menopause but by other as­pects of ag­ing in­stead. Some changes that might start in the years around menopause in­clude: • Ir­reg­u­lar pe­ri­ods. Your pe­ri­ods may: o Come more of­ten or less of­ten o Last more days or fewer o Be lighter or heav­ier • Hot flashes (or flushes). Th­ese can cause: o Sud­den feel­ings of heat all over or in

the up­per part of your body o Flush­ing of your face and neck o Red blotches on your chest, back, and arms o Heavy sweat­ing and cold shiv­er­ing af­ter the flash • Trou­ble sleep­ing. You may have: o Trou­ble sleep­ing through the night o Night sweats (hot flashes that make

you sweat while you sleep) • Vagi­nal and uri­nary prob­lems. Chang­ing hor­mone lev­els can lead to: o Drier and thin­ner vagi­nal tis­sue, which

can make sex un­com­fort­able o More in­fec­tions in the vagina o More uri­nary tract in­fec­tions o Not be­ing able to hold your urine long enough

to get to the bath­room (uri­nary in­con­ti­nence) • Mood changes. You might: o Have mood swings (which are not

the same as de­pres­sion) o Cry more of­ten o Feel crabby • Chang­ing feel­ings about sex. You might: o Feel less in­ter­ested in sex o Feel more com­fort­able with your sex­u­al­ity • Other changes. Some other pos­si­ble changes at this time (ei­ther from lower lev­els of hor­mones or just from get­ting older) in­clude: o For­get­ful­ness or trou­ble fo­cus­ing o Los­ing mus­cle, gain­ing fat, and hav­ing a larger waist o Feel­ing stiff or achy

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