What Can Be Done

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Fed­eral, state, and lo­cal health of­fi­cials can

Track asthma rates and the ef­fec­tive­ness of con­trol mea­sures so con­tin­u­ous im­prove­ments can be made in preven­tion ef­forts. Pro­mote in uenza and pneu­mo­nia vac­ci­na­tion

for peo­ple with asthma. Pro­mote im­prove­ments in in­door air qual­ity for peo­ple with asthma through mea­sures such as smoke-free air laws and poli­cies, healthy schools and work­places, and im­prove­ments in out­door air qual­ity.

Schools and school nurses can

Use stu­dent asthma ac­tion plans to guide use of in­haled cor­ti­cos­teroids and other pre­scribed asthma medicines cor­rectly and to avoid asthma trig­gers. Make stu­dents’ quick-re­lief in­halers read­ily avail­able for them to use at school as needed. Take steps to fix in­door air qual­ity prob­lems like mold and out­door air qual­ity prob­lems such as idling school buses.

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