Do peo­ple with lu­pus ac­tu­ally NEED a lot of sleep or do we just FEEL like we al­ways need more sleep. Should I be sleep­ing the nor­mal 8 hours in­stead of 11? Will it make a dif­fer­ence in my fa­tigue? Ocean­side, CA

Wellness Update - - Fatigue And Lupus -

While get­ting an ad­e­quate amount of sleep is im­por­tant, ev­ery­one has a dif­fer­ent amount of sleep they re­quire to func­tion nor­mally dur­ing the day. For adults 8-9 hours is usu­ally ad­e­quate (10-11 hours for chil­dren) and sleep­ing longer does not usu­ally help with fa­tigue, even in pa­tients with lu­pus. It is im­por­tant that your doc­tor check you for other com­mon causes of fa­tigue such as sleep ap­nea, di­a­betes, ane­mia and thy­roid dis­ease. It is also im­por­tant that your sleep at night is not dis­rupted – i.e. do you awaken fre­quently at night, get up to go to the bath­room at night, have prob­lems fall­ing asleep? If so, th­ese may in­di­cate an­other prob­lem caus­ing your fa­tigue.

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