How can Lu­pus Fa­tigue be dif­fer­en­ti­ated from other causes of fa­tigue such as Chronic Fa­tigue Syn­drome? I've been told I have both and I don't un­der­stand how my fa­tigue can be a sep­a­rate di­ag­no­sis. Hat­boro, PA

Wellness Update - - Fatigue And Lupus -

Usu­ally there is not a way to clearly dis­tin­guish th­ese causes of fa­tigue, es­pe­cially since (as de­scribed in #3 above) fa­tigue may be the only ac­tive symp­toms of oth­er­wise-well-con­trol lu­pus. It is very im­por­tant to make sure lu­pus ac­tiv­ity is ad­e­quately and ap­pro­pri­ately treated and that other causes (men­tioned in #1 above) are ruled out. With that in mind, the treat­ments and things to avoid or re­duce to help your symp­toms of fa­tigue would be the same as men­tioned in other an­swers here.

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