I’ve had lu­pus for 32 years. Dur­ing this time I've had ex­treme fa­tigue and in­som­nia. I'd like to find some­thing nat­u­ral to help me sleep. I'm so tired of tak­ing drugs and I refuse to take sleep­ing pills. Can you sug­gest any­thing? Pahrump, NV

Wellness Update - - Fatigue And Lupus -

In­som­nia can have a num­ber of causes and can be dif­fi­cult to treat. Ex­er­cis­ing dur­ing the day with only light ex­er­cise in the evening, avoid­ing a heavy din­ner or eat­ing late at night, re­duc­ing caf­feine, choos­ing a com­fort­able mat­tress, and a re­lax­ing bed­time rou­tine such as lis­ten­ing to mu­sic or plea­sure read­ing have all been shown to help with sleep at night. To in­crease your chances of a good night’s sleep, you should also try not to nap dur­ing the day and avoid late night TV watch­ing or work­ing in bed. It is a good idea to es­tab­lish a “wind down” rou­tine in the evening to re­lax your mind and body be­fore get­ting into bed.

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