Why have methadone over­doses in­creased?

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As methadone pre­scrip­tions have in­creased, so have the num­ber of methadone over­doses. But many peo­ple who die of painkiller over­doses don’t have a pre­scrip­tion. How can this be? It’s be­cause some of th­ese pre­scrip­tions are il­le­gally sold or given to peo­ple who use them for non­med­i­cal rea­sons. This is known as diver­sion. Diver­sion is a ma­jor fac­tor in the pre­scrip­tion drug abuse epi­demic. More care­ful pre­scrib­ing will help re­duce diver­sion and save lives.

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