Pro­tect Your Mi­crobes

Wellness Update - - What Doctors Know And Your Should, Too! -

• Don’t be scared of mi­crobes. Most ac­tu­ally help you. • Don’t pres­sure your doc­tor to give you an­tibi­otics.

They may cause more harm than good. • Know when to wash your hands—for ex­am­ple, when pre­par­ing food

and be­fore eat­ing. To learn more, visit­wash­ing. • Don’t use an­tibac­te­rial prod­ucts you don’t need. An­tibac­te­rial soaps have lit­tle or no health ben­e­fit. And an­tibac­te­rial ver­sions of house­hold prod­ucts (like phones and sta­plers) have not been shown to re­duce your risk of in­fec­tion. • Don’t go over­board with hand san­i­tiz­ers. They’re use­ful in health

care set­tings, but hand wash­ing is a bet­ter op­tion in most sit­u­a­tions. • Ex­per­i­ment with dif­fer­ent skin mois­tur­iz­ers

to see which work best for you. • There’s no con­clu­sive ev­i­dence that so-called

“pro­bi­otic” prod­ucts have health ben­e­fits.

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