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The most dif­fi­cult thing about a diet is be­ing hon­est about ex­er­cise and eat­ing right. And even when you are be­ing hon­est, trans­lat­ing the re­sults of diet and ex­er­cise can be lit­tle more than a guess.

Weight Watch­ers has teamed up with Philips tech­nol­ogy to give its mem­bers a high­tech means to ac­cu­rately track ac­tiv­ity and diet with a nifty new de­vice called Ac­tiveLink. Ac­tiveLink™, is the first and only ac­tiv­ity mon­i­tor and web ex­pe­ri­ence that trans­lates move­ments to ac­tiv­ity into a point mon­i­tor­ing sys­tem Weight Watch­ers calls PointsPlus ® . Ac­tiveLink is avail­able ex­clu­sively to Weight Watch­ers mem­bers and Weight Watch­ers On­line Sub­scribers. “Most of us tend to un­der­es­ti­mate the amount of food we eat, and over­es­ti­mate how much ac­tiv­ity we get. We rarely ex­er­cise enough to burn off that cheese­burger or dessert like we planned,” said Stacy Gor­don, Se­nior Vice Pres­i­dent, Prod­ucts, Li­cens­ing & Pub­lish­ing, Weight Watch­ers North Amer­ica. “Ac­tiveLink takes the guess work out of it by more ac­cu­rately es­ti­mat­ing our ac­tiv­ity level, and mo­ti­vates us to set that bar even higher by get­ting more ac­tive.” While ac­tiv­ity has al­ways been a key com­po­nent of the Weight Watch­ers ap­proach, Ac­tiveLink pro­vides mem­bers with eTools and On­line sub­scribers a more ac­cu­rate ac­count of their cur­rent ac­tiv­ity lev­els, which in turn mo­ti­vates the user to make in­creased ac­tiv­ity a healthy habit they de­velop for a life­time. Pow­ered by Philips tech­nol­ogy, Ac­tiveLink al­lows users to set per­son­al­ized goals, seam­lessly track their ac­tiv­ity rou­tines – from walk­ing the dog to hit­ting the gym – to help them reach their goal of be­com­ing more ac­tive over time. It aligns with Weight Watch­ers in­te­grated ap­proach to suc­cess­ful weight loss, which com­bines smarter eat­ing, healthy habits, ac­tiv­ity and a sup­port­ive en­vi­ron­ment. “I wore my Ac­tiveLink mon­i­tor dur­ing a re­cent per­for­mance and couldn’t be­lieve how many ac­tiv­ity PointsPlus val­ues I earned just by danc­ing and singing! Ac­tiveLink has made me look at ac­tiv­ity in a whole new way,” said Weight Watch­ers Ambassador Jennifer Hud­son of Chicago. “I al­ways track what I eat, but now see­ing the re­sults of also track­ing my ac­tiv­ity each day is chal­leng­ing me to set higher goals. Plus, it’s help­ing me earn ac­tiv­ity

PointsPlus val­ues, which for me means more choco­late!”

Ac­tiveLink Tech­nol­ogy

The Ac­tiveLink mon­i­tor is a three-way ac­celerom­e­ter that tracks body mo­tion and pro­vides a mea­sure of ac­cel­er­a­tion. When com­bined with one’s age, gen­der, height, and weight, it cal­cu­lates how many ac­tiv­ity PointsPlus ® val­ues a per­son earns while wear­ing it. Ac­tiveLink sub­scribers can then plug the Ac­tiveLink mon­i­tor into their com­puter to upload the in­for­ma­tion onto their dash­board and re­ceive cus­tom­ized chal­lenges that will grad­u­ally in­crease over time plus ac­tiv­ity tips to keep them mov­ing and mo­ti­vated. “At Philips, our goal is to im­prove peo­ple’s lives through mean­ing­ful in­no­va­tion,” said Gopi Ko­teeswaran, Gen­eral Man­ager at Philips. “Work­ing to­gether on Ac­tiveLink, Weight Watch­ers and Philips are de­liv­er­ing an in­no­va­tive be­hav­ioral change ex­pe­ri­ence that seam­lessly in­te­grates ac­tiv­ity into the Weight Watch­ers ap­proach. By trans­lat­ing move­ment into ac­tiv­ity PointsPlus val­ues – a lan­guage that Weight Watch­ers mem­bers speak and a life­style they live ev­ery day – we’re help­ing peo­ple to take con­trol of a healthy life­style in a fun and en­gag­ing way.” The Ac­tiveLink mon­i­tor is avail­able ex­clu­sively to Weight Watch­ers mem­bers with eTools and Weight Watch­ers On­line sub­scribers, and can be pur­chased at par­tic­i­pat­ing Weight Watch­ers lo­ca­tions or via the eCom­merce store at www.weight­watch­ers.com, and re­quires an ad­di­tional monthly Ac­tiveLink sub­scrip­tion. To learn more about Ac­tiveLink, go to www.weight­watch­ers.com/getac­tivelink. -This in­for­ma­tion pro­vided courtesy of Weight Watch­ers

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