I have proof the devil is real

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Not many peo­ple be­lieve in the devil any­more, but I see de­fin­i­tive proof of his ex­is­tence and work­ings. No, he’s not the lit­tle red man with horns and a pitch­fork as many — and es­pe­cially the devil — would have peo­ple be­lieve. He’s a fallen an­gel, a pow­er­ful spirit, not vis­i­ble to our eyes un­less he chooses to take on a vis­i­ble form.

The Bi­ble de­scribes him and those other an­gels who fell with him as “prin­ci­pal­i­ties … pow­ers … rulers of the dark­ness of this age … spir­i­tual hosts of wicked­ness in the heav­enly places” (Eph­e­sians 6:12). Je­sus calls the devil a “mur­derer” and a “liar” be­cause he de­ceives the peo­ple of this world and brings about their spir­i­tual and eter­nal ruin (John 8:44).

How do I know he re­ally ex­ists? Who else could de­ceive the peo­ple of this world to deny their Cre­ator and be­lieve in chance ex­is­tence and evo­lu­tion? The very fact that peo­ple be­lieve and tout as “sci­ence” the no­tion that the earth and life on the earth is all the prod­uct of chance over bil­lions and bil­lions of years — even though the true ev­i­dence does not sup­port it and the whole no­tion is math­e­mat­i­cally im­pos­si­ble — is proof that some­one, some be­ing, has de­luded their minds and holds them cap­tive to fool­ish­ness.

And, of course, what bet­ter place to at­tack Chris­tian­ity than at its source, at cre­ation as de­scribed in the Ge­n­e­sis ac­count! If an all-wise and all-pow­er­ful God is re­moved as the Cre­ator, there is no ba­sis for obe­di­ence to com­mand­ments given by God on Mt. Si­nai and re­vealed through His prophets. Af­ter all, if God did not make us, what right would He have to give us com­mand­ments or to judge us when this life is over?

To be to­tally hon­est, if God did not cre­ate us as de­scribed in Ge­n­e­sis 1 and 2, all of Chris­tian­ity (as well as Ju­daism and Is­lam) are bo­gus re­li­gions and de­cep­tions. There would be no ba­sis for moral­ity, no ba­sis for judg­ing whether things are right or wrong. Not only would there be no ba­sis for obe­di­ence to God’s com­mand­ments, there would be no rea­son for faith in Je­sus Christ as God’s Son and the aton­ing sac­ri­fice for the sins of all!

That, of course, was the devil’s goal! Take away peo­ple’s be­lief in God as the Cre­ator, and ev­ery­thing else falls! Cf. Psalm 2. In­deed, the devil is no dummy. He knows where and how to chal­lenge the truth and de­stroy the faith of God’s peo­ple. And who else could con­vince the “wise” peo­ple of this world that some­how life hap­pened by chance and then evolved into present-day forms over longer and longer pe­ri­ods of time?

If I be­lieved this devil’s lie, even if I helped a bit by turn­ing on my com­puter, I would then just sit back and wait un­til, by chance, all the right let­ters ap­peared on the pages in just the right or­der to make sense and be a read­able ar­ti­cle — per­haps, if I just wait a lit­tle longer! Even if I let my 3-year-old grand­son help out a bit more by push­ing the keys on my key­board, I don’t think the let­ters, by chance, would turn into an in­tel­li­gi­ble ar­ti­cle. I’m pretty sure, if I trusted in chance to pro­duce a news­pa­per, I’d be fired in no time at all!

And yet, our mod­ern “sci­en­tists” be­lieve that some­thing much more com­plex than the ar­range­ment of 26 let­ters on a news­pa­per page ex­ists by chance. They should have their “church ser­vices” in the gam­bling casi­nos. Their odds, though slim, would be far bet­ter than their faith in chance ex­is­tence and evo­lu­tion!

If I haven’t con­vinced you the devil is real by the world’s ac­cep­tance of chance ex­is­tence and evo­lu­tion, how about the in­roads he has made into the churches and into the faith of believ­ers? Pas­tors and believ­ers try to twist the Bi­ble around so that they can ac­cept mod­ern “sci­ence” and still be believ­ers. That, of course, may be the big­gest de­cep­tion of all — chang­ing the days of cre­ation into eons and re­duc­ing God’s role as the cre­ator into one who merely guided chance. I am al­ways shocked when I hear pas­tors and those who claim to be Chris­tian speak of an earth mil­lions and bil­lions of years old. There is no other ex­pla­na­tion for such ut­ter fool­ish­ness than de­cep­tion by the devil him­self!

Do you be­lieve me yet? If not, per­haps a look at govern­ments, judges and politi­cians will work. Who else could con­vince a panel of judges that an un­born child in his or her mother’s womb is not a hu­man be­ing? Who else could con­vince judges and politi­cians that ho­mo­sex­u­al­ity and same-sex mar­riages are nor­mal and ac­cept­able al­ter­na­tives to mar­riage be­tween one man and one woman? Who else could con­vince politi­cians that it is OK to pass laws or sup­port with tax money im­moral ac­tiv­i­ties?

Yes, my list could go on and on. The ev­i­dence is un­de­ni­able and al­most end­less. It is as the Bi­ble says: “The whole world lies un­der the sway of the wicked one” (1 John 5:19). Yes, the devil is real!

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