The na­ture of mankind is not al­ways the best at be­ing good

Westside Eagle-Observer - - OPINION - By Bill

There was a ter­ri­ble tragedy in our neigh­bor­hood this last week. We heard the crash and so did folks in town, and we all knew it was a dev­as­tat­ing and fa­tal wreck from the re­sound­ing echo and shak­ing of the earth! The county sher­iff and deputies and sev­eral com­mu­nity am­bu­lances ar­rived amid scream­ing sirens and flash­ing lights.

I in­structed my close rel­a­tive to stay home as I pulled on my boots to help res­cue what­ever was still alive and headed to the scene. The men stood qui­etly in a cir­cle around the crash site, hats re­moved and heads bowed. I fi­nally saw it, a head-on col­li­sion of two brooms in midair and all that was left was half of one han­dle and a pointy hat. I am here to tell you I am proud Hal­loween is once again past!

We have a bull, one of the pur­chased ones, of course, that was puny. I penned him on Sun­day af­ter­noon and hauled him to the clinic on Mon­day. He was humped-up, ears droop­ing and did not come to the feed bunk, sure signs of a prob­lem. He was get­ting riled when I fi­nally got him loaded and, by the time we got to town, he was down­right mad.

The vet fig­ured a stom­ach bug — didn’t say which stom­ach — and gave that big old boy about a gal­lon of liq­uid meds and three in­jec­tions. He said to watch him closely and, if he died, I should call him so the bull could be posted. Well, that did not make me feel very happy, but then a bovine can’t tell you much ex­cept that they are sick. I hauled him home, dumped him in a sick stall and prayed.

Tues­day morn­ing the bull was bet­ter, ears were up and he ate his grain. The vet was on a call close by so came to check on the sickly. He guessed right, the meds had ev­i­dently taken care of the cause and pro­duced a cure. I breathed a big sigh of re­lief and my heart set­tled down to a nor­mal rhythm. Some old fellers might pay a lit­tle too much for a bull and then, if that bull just up and dies, the pain is se­vere!

Still have grass grow­ing and it is get­ting way down into fall. We are sure blessed with mois­ture and

sun­shine and feed for the herds. All the calves are do­ing well and the steers ship next week. I am more than anx­ious to get them there and will be tied in a knot un­til they sell. But what a big deal it is to see what you raise to the very end! I sure like to see them get big and beau­ti­ful.

It is my opin­ion, and ev­ery­one has one, the na­ture of mankind is not al­ways the best at be­ing good. We want too much and some­times we want what be­longs to some­one else. The sea­son of giv­ing thanks is upon us and my hope and prayer are that we should be pretty sat­is­fied with what we have and share with oth­ers who have not. I have a rea­son for ask­ing you all to share. I did not get a deer and I sure would like to have some veni­son burger for chili!

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