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Where Alaska - - The Guide -

When mea­sured by land­mass, Alaska is the largest state in the union. It’s twice the size of Texas but only 47th in pop­u­la­tion! This per­son to acre ra­tio means there is a lot of wilder­ness to share with vis­i­tors who want to get away from it all with ex­pe­ri­ences found nowhere else. The largest pop­u­la­tion cen­ters are Anchorage, Fair­banks and Juneau and each has its own dis­tinct feel. Be­yond the cities, va­ri­ety is the rule. From wind-swept, tree­less Arc­tic tun­dra to thick pines and cedars of the tem­per­ate rain­forests, to the con­ti­nent’s high­est peaks or agri­cul­tural plains, the state is vast and var­ied. It’s eas­i­est to un­der­stand this state if you break it down into its re­gions. We’ve pre­pared sum­maries to each re­gional list­ing guide noted to the right, to help you quickly get a feel for each re­gion, as well as oth­ers you may want to visit. These sum­maries fol­lowed by list­ings will help find the many op­por­tu­ni­ties that this state pro­vides. Find more list­ings at where­trav­

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