Have Fun with Kids!

Kids will have a ball mak­ing these play­ful teddy bear pals—it’s easy with hand tow­els and rub­ber bands!

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What you’ll need for each

Brown hand towel Hair bands: 2 small 3 medium Tan and red felt scraps 12 mm wig­gle eyes 1/2" black pom­pom 21" (5/8") ging­ham rib­bon Crafter’s Pick ® fabric glue Plaid ® Fash­ion ® Di­men­sional Fabric Paint, Black Red chalk

1 Your child lays towel flat, ver­ti­cally, right side down, folds about 1/3 of bot­tom up (so sin­gle and dou­bled sec­tions are about equal). As tightly as he can, your child rolls left and right sides to­ward cen­ter and places rub­ber bands over ends.

2 Help your child hold bot­tom end and twist, then fold top end down to cen­ter, leav­ing about 2 1/2" of bot­tom end show­ing. He wraps a rub­ber band 3" from folded top end as shown.

3 Your child re­moves rub­ber band at the top end of towel and rolls “arms” to sides, smooth­ing top, which will be the face. Then he re­places the rub­ber band as shown.

4 Flip the bear over. Work­ing from the back of the head, help your child pull up fabric at cor­ners and use small rub­ber bands to form ears as shown. Your child cuts a 2"x1 1/2" oval tan felt muz­zle, a 1" red felt heart. He chalks cheeks, glues on fea­tures, paints mouth. He ties rib­bon around neck and re­moves rub­ber band from legs.

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