En­er­giz­ing foods with ex­tra health ben­e­fits!

Crav­ing a lit­tle more vim and vigor to get you through your busy day? Hap­pily, ex­perts say you can eas­ily power up your en­ergy—and your health—just by en­joy­ing . . .

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1 Av­o­ca­dos . . . to bet­ter your blood pres­sure

Av­o­ca­dos’ potas­sium can cut fa­tigue 33% and lower blood pres­sure 10% in two months, re­ports the jour­nal Phy­tother­apy

Re­search. Potas­sium re­laxes and opens ar­ter­ies, keep­ing blood pres­sure low, while rais­ing the flow of en­er­giz­ing, oxy­gen­rich blood to your brain, says study coau­thor Bibi Razavi, PH.D.

2 Berries . . . to chase away anx­i­ety

En­joy­ing three cups of berries (fresh or frozen) weekly could slash your risk of fa­tigue 50%— and help ease anx­i­ety in as lit­tle as two weeks, Aus­tralian re­search sug­gests. The credit goes to berry pig­ments (an­tho­cyanins), which rev your brain’s pro­duc­tion of sero­tonin, a neu­ro­trans­mit­ter that helps you feel both en­er­gized and calm.

3 Oat bran . . . to cut your choles­terol

Do you break­fast on oat­meal? Re­search in the jour­nal Nu­tri­ents sug­gests that mak­ing the switch from oat­meal to oat bran could chase away tired­ness for al­most twice as long. Oat bran is rich in beta glu­cans, nu­tri­ents that help your cells con­vert glu­cose into en­ergy, says study coau­thor Bob Stein­ert, PH.D. Bonus: Oat bran blocks fat ab­sorp­tion in the di­ges­tive tract, low­er­ing artery-clog­ging LDL choles­terol as much as 9% in four weeks.

4 Radic­chio . . . to bulk up bones

A daily one-cup serv­ing of this red-leafed let­tuce can end fa­tigue within 10 days— and lower your os­teo­poro­sis risk 50% Cana­dian sci­en­tists say. Radic­chio packs lots of the vi­ta­min K needed to en­er­gize brain cells and help bones re­tain cal­cium.

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