A top women’s health ex­pert says sim­ple blood-su­gar tricks can end crav­ings and re­verse age-re­lated weight gain! Lose 22 lbs in 21 days!

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When Sara Gottfried, M.D., turned 40, she dis­cov­ered first­hand “just how hard the bat­tle against ex­tra pounds can feel as we get older,” re­veals the Har­vard-trained women’s health ex­pert. With her carb crav­ings seem­ing to in­ten­sify, “I was put­ting ex­tra ef­fort into fight­ing my muf­fin top, but my clothes were still tight. And be­tween my fam­ily and crazy work hours, I didn’t have more time to de­vote to my weight.” So she de­cided to see what science could do to help. “No one ever taught me the se­crets to mak­ing my body look and feel young—but they’re out there!” in­sists Dr. Sara, 51, who had soon lost a size and re­stored her en­ergy. She now shares her dis­cov­er­ies in a new book called Younger and at her Cal­i­for­nia clinic, where pa­tients rou­tinely shed up to 22 pounds in 21 days. Here, she shares her best se­crets with you!

Quick-start guide

● What you eat Dr. Sara’s diet is sim­ple: At each sit­ting, fill about 75% of your plate with veg­gies and fruit. “Eat a rain­bow of col­ors, in­clud­ing at least two pounds of veg­gies a day,” she urges. That trans­lates to about six to eight cups of raw or three to four cups of cooked veg­gies. Round out meals with three ounces of pro­tein (in­clud­ing wild-caught fish at least twice weekly); an op­tional serv­ing of whole­some, gluten­free starch ( es­pe­cially sweet potato and quinoa); and a gen­er­ous serv­ing of healthy fat (es­pe­cially co­conut oil). Snack mostly on veg­gies, fruit and a lit­tle dark choco­late.

● The #1 rea­son the diet works “Start­ing in our 40s, blood su­gar in­creases by 10 points per decade”— a change that leads to crav­ings, in­creased fat stor­age and a host of health prob­lems, Dr. Sara notes. Why does this hap­pen? Most of us eat too many pro­cessed carbs, which lack nu­tri­ents to blunt blood­sugar spikes. Re­peated spikes dam­age cells, mak­ing it in­creas­ingly hard for them to burn blood su­gar for en­ergy. So we crave more carbs to boost en­ergy, and most of what we eat just ends up as belly fat. Worse, shards of ex­cess su­gar speed through our sys­tems, caus­ing dan­ger­ous in­flam­ma­tion from head to toe. Ev­ery­thing inside us be­comes in­flamed and noth­ing works quite right. Our thy­roids slow, our skin sags, our im­mu­nity tanks. We start to look and feel so much older that “I call it ‘in­flamm-ag­ing,’ ” says Dr. Sara. That’s why her way of eat­ing fills us up on foods loaded with nu­tri­ents proven to sta­bi­lize blood su­gar and soothe in­flam­ma­tion. It also elim­i­nates foods that can worsen in­flam­ma­tion, like gluten and cow’s milk. The strat­egy is so ef­fec­tive, “you can see a dra­matic dif­fer­ence in just three days!”

● The rem­edy that boosts re­sults Long used in tra­di­tional Ayurvedic medicine, berber­ine— an ex­tract from bright yel­low plants like gold­enseal and turmeric—is proven to spur the re­pair of dam­aged cells so much, it in­creases our abil­ity to burn blood su­gar for en­ergy by up to 400%. “It’s more ef­fec­tive than pre­scrip­tion di­a­betes med­i­ca­tion,” notes Dr. Sara. Bonus: “Berber­ine be­haves like an an­tiox­i­dant, cool­ing in­flam­ma­tion.” One small study on over­weight folks found it helped ● Real world wow When Jes­sica Fashun, 46, signed on to help test Dr. Sara’s pro­to­col, “I stopped hav­ing mid­day blood-su­gar crashes and stopped want­ing snacks at night,” re­ports the Michi­gan mom. “I lost 16 pounds and 12 inches over the course of a month, which in­cluded a trip to Dis­ney World!” Then there’s Cal­i­for­nia yo-yo di­eter Bar­bara Musser, 65. Af­ter up­ping her veg­gie in­take and adding berber­ine, she quickly shrunk from a size 14 to a 10. “I sud­denly had lots of en­ergy and no crav­ings or ob­ses­sive thoughts about food,” she says. “This re­ally works!” them lose weight with­out even di­et­ing! Dr. Sara rec­om­mends 300 mg.-500 mg. three times a day for eight weeks; re­sume af­ter a week if you no­tice weight gain or su­gar crav­ings.

AF­TER “The best part was los­ing the belly fat that wouldn’t budge be­fore,” says Anna. “I also have fewer wrin­kles. I’m 43 and rock­ing it!”


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