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Our nu­tri­tion team used guide­lines from Dr. Sara’s book Younger to cre­ate th­ese menus for you to try. Veg­gies are unlimited, but do be sure to get two pounds a day—which is equal to about six to eight cups raw or three to four cups cooked. If you opt to take berber­ine*, add it be­fore or dur­ing a meal for up to eight weeks (then take at least one week off, which will al­low lev­els of cer­tain liver en­zymes to op­ti­mize). To in­crease nu­tri­ent in­take, opt for or­ganic, grass-fed and wild-caught in­gre­di­ents when pos­si­ble. While us­ing this plan, be sure to drink plenty of wa­ter. Add other ul­tra-low-cal bev­er­ages and ex­tras (cof­fee, tea, spices, vine­gar, lemon juice, mus­tard) as de­sired. As al­ways, get a doc­tor’s okay to try any new plan.

* Berber­ine is con­sid­ered safe for most healthy adults, but is not suit­able for preg­nant/nurs­ing moms and may in­ter­fere with cer­tain med­i­ca­tions; al­ways con­sult a doc­tor be­fore tak­ing any new sup­ple­ment.

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