How kind­ness pays off!

Show­ing oth­ers you care, like Erika does, brings you sur­pris­ing ben­e­fits by:

Woman's World - - Legacy of Caring -

In­creas­ing hap­pi­ness! A Har­vard study found that peo­ple who are gen­er­ous and kind are the hap­pi­est over­all. Why? Be­ing kind re­leases feel- good sero­tonin in the brain for a last­ing mood boost!

Spread­ing the love! An act of kind­ness has a pos­i­tive ef­fect on ev­ery­one who sees it, in­spir­ing them to also do some­thing nice for oth­ers and cre­at­ing a rip­ple of kind­ness, re­search shows.

Send­ing your en­ergy soar­ing! Help­ing oth­ers is study-proven to make you feel more en­er­getic—the ben­e­fit is so strong, some re­searchers have dubbed it a “helper’s high”!

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