Turn fab­ric scraps into a gor­geous pump­kin cen­ter­piece!

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... Re­cy­cle fab­ric scraps into plush pump­kins of Hap­pier per­fect for a cozy cen­ter­piece! Lynn how: Thanapig­in­mud.blogspot.com shares You ’ll need:

❏ Scrap fab­ric

❏ Nee­dle and thread

❏ Poly­fill stuff­ing

❏ Jute or twine

1 Snip a cir­cle! Cut a cir­cle twice the de­sired size of your fin­ished pump­kin. For ex­am­ple, you’d need a 9" cir­cle to yield a 4 1/2" pump­kin. (Tip: An easy way to trace a per­fect use 9" cir­cle on your fab­ric? Sim­ply a din­ner plate!)

2 Make a pouch! Flip the fab­ric over (wrong side up), fold in the edge as you stitch a sim­ple run­ning cir­cle. or bast­ing stitch all around the your Then gen­tly pull on both ends of thread, gather­ing the fab­ric cir­cle into a pouch.

3 Fin­ish it up! Fill the pouch with a poly­fill and tie thread ends into knot. Cut three strands of jute long enough to wrap around your pump­kin, with three ex­tra inches on each end. Then cut one strand twice that length. Criss­cross all four strands Lift on ta­ble. Set pump­kin in mid­dle. top and tie opposing jute ends onto of pump­kin, us­ing photo as a guide. piece Make stem by wrap­ping longer of jute around shorter pieces.

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