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De­tox off hol­i­day weight with fruit! Want to en­joy your Thanks­giv­ing feast with­out wor­ry­ing about your waist­line? Here’s the so­lu­tion! A quick, sim­ple, de­li­cious fruit de­tox can undo the dam­age even if you do overindulge!

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T urkey, stuff­ing, mashed pota­toes, pie— go ahead and stuff your­self this Thanks­giv­ing. You’ll still be able to fit into your skin­ni­est jeans just five days later— and it’s thanks to a new plan from diet guru Jay Robb, C.N. His se­cret: “Flood­ing your body with nu­tri­ents from healthy foods— es­pe­cially from un­lim­ited fruit,” he re­veals. That means bot­tom­less serv­ings of ev­ery lus­cious va­ri­ety from ap­ples and ba­nanas to pineap­ple and pome­gran­ate. Sure, some di­ets in­sist sugar in fruit is fat­ten­ing. But Robb says the op­po­site is true— and he’s got a moun­tain of science to back him up. A Korean team re­cently dubbed it the “fruit para­dox,” not­ing that, de­spite its sugar, re­search has con­sis­tently shown fruit has a strong anti-obe­sity ef­fect. Mean­while, a Har­vard study as­sess­ing more than 20 years of data de­ter­mined that the more fruit folks eat, the less they weigh. Aim­ing for lots of fruit works magic in the short term, too. The proof: When Woman’s World read­ers used a ver­sion of Robb’s Fit on Fruit plan to “de­tox” from bad eat­ing habits, they shed nine, 10, even 12 pounds in just five days!

How much do you stand to lose? Here’s how to find out . . .

Your quick-start guide

In ad­di­tion to un­lim­ited fresh fruit all day and all night, you can whip up un­lim­ited smooth­ies with protein pow­der. Want some­thing sa­vory to munch on? While fruit should be your fo­cus, a few serv­ings of non­starchy veg­gies are fine, too, and you can en­joy them with gua­camole or salsa (since the avo­cado and toma­toes in these dips are both fruits!). For din­ner, en­joy a smoothie along­side a large mixed salad with any fruit de­sired plus hard-boiled egg whites, nuts and olive-oil-based dress­ing. “It’s a lim­ited menu—but it’s very fill­ing, and it’s nice that there’s re­ally noth­ing to cook or mea­sure,” notes Texas reader Peggy Mor­ris, 52, who shrunk by 18 inches in five days. “You will love the re­sults!”

How fruit fights fat ● Calo­rie-block­ing fiber!

While many sweet foods cause blood sugar to spike then crash—lead­ing to rapid fat stor­age and in­tense hunger—fruit con­tains enough wa­ter and fiber to “di­lute” the sugar and can­cel out the ef­fect, hun­dreds After track­ing ac­cord­ing to Chon­buk six years, of folks for Louisiana Na­tional Univer­sity’s s at re­searcher found Seong T. Hong, PH.D., Univer­sity State whole who led ex­ten­sive rethat the more ate, the search to de­ter­mine fruit’s fruit a per­son she was po­ten­tial role in fight­ing more likely the obe­sity epi­demic. Bet­ter to be lean. yet, Hong points to ev­i­dence that fruit’s fiber not only re­duces hunger, it ac­tu­ally in­hibits cer­tain di­ges­tive enzymes— a fac­tor that helps pre­vent some calo­ries we eat from ever be­ing ab­sorbed!

● Anti- obe­sity nu­tri­ents!

Hong and Robb both note that fruit is packed with vi­ta­mins and min­er­als that stud­ies strongly link to weight loss—in­clud­ing vi­ta­mins A, C and E and min­er­als like cal­cium, cop­per and zinc. (See box, right, for more.) On top of that, fruit is the best source of fat-fight­ing flavonoid an­tiox­i­dants. Har­vard re­searchers de­ter­mined that flavonoids are so pow­er­ful, they block calo­rie ab­sorp­tion, pre­vent fat de­posits from form­ing, speed me­tab­o­lism— and may be largely re­spon­si­ble for the weight-loss power of fruit!

● “Pre­bi­otic” magic!

Sci­en­tists now know that nat­u­rally lean folks have very dif­fer­ent

bac­te­ria in their di­ges­tive tracts than over­weight folks— and the lat­est find­ings show that the fiber and an­tiox­i­dants in fruit are par­tic­u­larly good pre­bi­otics. That means fruit feeds the type of bac­te­ria that helps keep us ef­fort­lessly slim. Sci­en­tists say eat­ing more fruit has a big enough im­pact on slim­ming bac­te­ria to trig­ger “sig­nif­i­cant re­duc­tions in body weight!” Real-world wow! “On most di­ets, it takes at least two weeks to lose 10 pounds. On this one, I did it in five

days,” re­veals Peggy Mor­ris. “I also had more and more en­ergy with each day. This plan is per­fect to get ready for a hol­i­day party!” Night-shift worker Michelle Perry, 40, agrees— though she was skep­ti­cal at first. Test­ing the plan in the midst of a 62-hour work week, “I thought I might starve,” she laughs. “But I was sur­pris­ingly full. And I lost five pounds in

one day. I’m stick­ing with it— and some of the girls at work are start­ing it, too. You re­ally can’t beat this diet for speed!” Michelle shed a whop­ping 12 pounds in five days and is down 19 pounds to­tal.

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