The Jell-o trick to bet­ter sleep!

Yes, gelatin! Though you prob­a­bly know it as the main in­gre­di­ent in Jell- O, it’s also found in marsh­mal­lows, bone broth, yo­gurt and more—and now re­search has un­cov­ered some sur­pris­ing youth-boost­ing prop­er­ties!

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1 Ease creaky joints! U. S. Na­tional Li­brary of Medicine re­search sug­gests gelatin eases knee pain and im­proves move­ment. That’s be­cause gelatin is a form of col­la­gen, an amino acid-packed protein that eases painful in­flam­ma­tion and pro­tects joints from wear and tear! Plus, reg­u­lar ex­er­cis­ers who con­sume gelatin of­ten have stronger bones, re­search shows.

2 Deepen your sleep! Gelatin is chock-full of glycine, a nat­u­ral com­pound that calms your ner­vous sys­tem, help­ing your body power down at night and ush­er­ing in deeper, more restora­tive sleep, Ja­panese sci­en­tists re­port. Bonus: The bet­ter and deeper you sleep, the less apt you are to ex­pe­ri­ence menopause-re­lated weight gain, heart ail­ments and other age-re­lated ills!

3 En­hance the health of all cells! “The glycine in gelatin is a build­ing block of protein that pro­tects cells and helps your body ab­sorb min­er­als and vi­ta­mins more ef­fec­tively,” says New York-based di­eti­tian Lyssa Weiss, R.D. That, in turn, re­duces your risk of ev­ery­thing from car­dio­vas­cu­lar dis­ease to di­a­betes.

4 keeps Age-proof rich­est skin’s di­etary sup­port source your struc­ture of com­plex­ion! col­la­gen, strong, a help­ing com­pound Gelatin stop that wrin- is the kles from form­ing. The catch: Your body’s col­la­gen pro­duc­tion de­clines with age! No won­der a two-month study found that women who took col­la­gen daily had smoother, firmer, plumper skin! Bonus: Sup­ple­ment­ing with col­la­gen makes hair stronger and shinier and strength­ens nails, re­veals re­search in the Jour­nal of Nu­tri­tion & Food Sci­ences.

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