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To add a touch of whimsy to her Thanks­giv­ing dessert ta­ble, Toni Miller of Make­bake­cel­e­ crafted these adorable easy-to-make candy top­pers for cup­cakes. “If you can play with Play-doh, you have all the ex­pe­ri­ence needed to cre­ate these fon­dant sweets!” says Toni. Use em to dec­o­rate your fa­vorite frosted cook­ies and layer cakes, too!

On sep­a­rate pieces of wax pa­per, knead brown color­ing into 8 oz. fon­dant, red color­ing into 4 oz. fon­dant, or­ange color­ing into an­other 4 oz. and yel­low color­ing into a third 4-oz. piece of fon­dant. Wrap each color sep­a­rately in plas­tic wrap.

Line bak­ing sheet with parch­ment pa­per. On wax pa­per, roll out yel­low fon­dant to about 1/8" thick­ness. Cut out 12 rounds us­ing 2" scal­loped round cookie cut­ter. Move to bak­ing sheet, giv­ing them a lit­tle space, as shown.

Re­peat with or­ange fon­dant. Lay or­ange rounds over yel­low ones, slightly off­set. Re­peat with red, slightly off­set­ting or­ange rounds, as shown.

line Once your all cut­ter the col­ors back up are with on, orig­i­nal yel­low piece. Push down, trim­ming off ex­cess red and or­ange, as shown. You should have a 2" round again with all three col­ors. Use a knife or fon­dant wheel to gen­tly

press lines into feath­ers. Let feath­ers dry, un­cov­ered, overnight.

In small bowl, com­bine a pinch of re­main­ing white fon­dant and 1 Tbs. hot wa­ter. Fon­dant will melt and even­tu­ally be­come a glue; cover and re­serve. Wrap re­main­ing white fon­dant; re­serve. For turkey bod­ies and heads, from brown fon­dant, make 12 (1") and 12 (3/4") balls. Wrap re­main­ing brown fon­dant; re­serve.

Grab your fon­dant glue. You will need to mix it well once fon­dant has melted into the wa­ter. Use a food­safe paint­brush and glue heads and bod­ies to­gether us­ing fon­dant glue, as shown.

Now for the de­tails. Small fon­dant pieces dry quickly, so work on one turkey at a time. To make eyes, roll out re­served white fon­dant un­til very thin. Use end of straw to cut small rounds for eyes.

Us­ing a small drop of glue, at­tach eyes; at­tach black sprin­kles. Glue on red sprin­kle eye­brows. For each beak, take a pea-sized piece of yel­low fon­dant and roll into ball. Gen­tly pinch one side into a pyra­mid. Glue onto face, hold­ing each one un­til they stick and stay. Once all beaks are on, gen­tly ap­ply some glue to back of turkey bod­ies and press on feath­ers.

For wings, roll out a piece of re­served brown fon­dant. Use small leaf cut­ter to cut out leaf shapes; trim off each leaf tip, as shown. At­tach wings with fon­dant glue. For feet, glue on pump­kin sprin­kles.

That’s all! Leave them sit­ting out for a day to dry and harden up, then gen­tly wrap in plas­tic wrap, un­til needed. Re­mem­ber fon­dant’s en­emy is wa­ter . . . so do not re­frig­er­ate or place on cup­cakes un­til close to serv­ing time. If they are left overnight on frost­ing they may soak up mois­ture and be­come sticky. When ready to serve, spread or pipe frost­ing over cup­cakes; sprin­kle with green jim­mies. Top with tur­keys. Makes 12 top­pers.

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