Longevity spice!

Great news from Bri­tish re­searchers: You can cut your risk of fa­tigue, stiff mus­cles, achy joints and headaches 50%—plus add 12 healthy, happy years to your life—just by di­al­ing down the amount of tis­sue-dam­ag­ing in­flam­ma­tion in your body! The keys:

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✓ Halt­ing trou­ble with cin­na­mon

Adding 1/2 tsp. of cin­na­mon to your daily diet could cut your in­flam­ma­tion level 25% in just 10 days, re­search shows. Cin­na­mon’s se­cret? The sweet spice re­duces pro­duc­tion of COX-2, a trou­ble­some en­zyme that makes your in­flam­ma­tion level sky­rocket if it’s left unchecked. If you pre­fer sa­vory spices, gin­ger and turmeric have sim­i­larly im­pres­sive anti-in­flam­ma­tory pow­ers.

✓ Pre­vent­ing ill­ness with as­tax­an­thin

As­tax­an­thin, a pink-col­ored com­pound that acts like a nat­u­ral sun­screen for al­gae, is a po­tent in­flam­ma­tion-tam­ing nu­tri­ent for us! In fact, sim­ply tak­ing a daily 4-mg. dose of the sup­ple­ment does such a great job of keep­ing in­flam­ma­tion at bay, it cuts your risk of stiff­ened, clogged ar­ter­ies (and heart dis­ease!) as much as 25%, re­veals re­search in the Jour­nal of Atheroscle­ro­sis and Throm­bo­sis. As­tax­an­thin switches on genes that heighten your body’s abil­ity to closely mon­i­tor your in­flam­ma­tion level and re­act quickly if it starts to creep up, ex­plains study coau­thor Hiroshige Itakura, PH.D. One op­tion: Life Ex­ten­sion As­tax­an­thin with Phos­pho­lipids ($8 for 30 soft­gels; Lef.com/ww).

Im­por­tant: Al­ways check with your doc­tor be­fore tak­ing any sup­ple­ment for the first time.

✓ Revving your liver with root veg­eta­bles

Pota­toes, car­rots, turnips, beets . . . en­joy­ing one cup of a fill­ing, fla­vor­ful and bud­get-friendly root veg­etable daily could cut your risk of pain-trig­ger­ing tis­sue in­flam­ma­tion 42%, Har­vard re­search shows. These win­ter sta­ples are rich in potas­sium, phos­pho­rous and mag­ne­sium, min­er­als that help your liver quickly break down in­flam­ma­tory wastes and clear them from your body.

✓ Sooth­ing your tummy with onions or gar­lic

Even if you’re care­ful about what you eat, some in­flam­ma­tory in­gre­di­ents— such as trans fats and high fruc­tose corn syrup— may sneak into your diet. Luck­ily, you can dis­arm them be­fore they cause trou­ble by eat­ing 1/4 cup of onions or one clove of gar­lic daily. Both are packed with sul­fur com­pounds that stop in­flam­ma­tion from build­ing up in the stom­ach and in­testines, even when your diet is less than ideal. Bonus: Be­cause they nix dam­ag­ing in­testi­nal in­flam­ma­tion, onions and gar­lic also cut your risk of di­ges­tive tract can­cers 44%.

✓ Ko­ing in­flam­ma­tion by do­ing noth­ing

The stress hor­mone cor­ti­sol is a top con­trib­u­tor to tis­sue-dam­ag­ing in­flam­ma­tion, so it’s not sur­pris­ing that Univer­sity of Wis­con­sin re­search shows re­lax­ing—whether by soak­ing in a bath or read­ing qui­etly— can cut in­flam­ma­tion 30% in two weeks.

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