Lose 22 lbs in 6 weeks— with­out di­et­ing!

Think you have to choose be­tween los­ing weight and en­joy­ing your­self at this time of year? Think again! We’ve rounded up all-nat­u­ral and al­most-ef­fort­less strate­gies that prom­ise to help you get slim and make merry at the same time!

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We all want to look our best at this time of year—yet not even the Grinch is up for a su­per-strict diet. Luck­ily, we con­vinced top weight­loss ex­perts to share their fa­vorite ways to slim down while still hav­ing a jolly time. Each one is 100% nat­u­ral, backed by solid science and pow­er­ful enough that women us­ing them in­sist they work bet­ter than diet pills. So go ahead, in­dulge in your fa­vorite sea­sonal treats. Just by us­ing a strat­egy or two on these pages, you can still lose up to 22 pounds in the next six weeks even as you cel­e­brate!

Fat burner 1 Glu­co­man­nan

We learned about glu­co­man­nan on Slo-tility.com, a site that asks folks to test nat­u­ral fat burn­ers and share their re­sults. The site’s users give high marks to this fiber from the Ja­panese konjac yam, which is used as a thick­ener in Asian cook­ing. Turns out, glu­co­man­nan “‘sponges’ up water in the di­ges­tive tract, re­duc­ing the ab­sorp­tion of carbs and choles­terol,” per Dr. Oz. And as glu­co­man­nan ab­sorbs liq­uid, it turns into a tummy-fill­ing gel that trig­gers the re­lease of stop-eating hor­mones. Glu­co­man­nan is also rich in re­sis­tant starch— a spe­cial com­pound that speeds fat burning by 23%, per Univer­sity of Colorado re­search.

The fat-burning dose:

Quickly drink a glass of water mixed with 3/4 tsp. glu­co­man­nan be­fore 1-2 meals daily, rec­om­mends Slo-tility’s Frank Duffy, R.D.

How much peo­ple lose: In one study, glu­co­man­nan helped folks lose up to nine times more weight. And Duffy—who rec­om­mends Now­foods.com’s glu­co­man­nan —has seen folks drop up to 40 pounds!

Fat burner 2 Black cur­rant

Thanks to re­cent re­search, black cur­rants are get­ting fat-burning buzz. “And it’s about time!” says Ann Louise Git­tle­man, PH.D., who uses black cur­rant oil to speed re­sults on her fa­mous Fat Flush reg­i­men. She’s been rec­om­mend­ing the stuff ever since a Cardiff Univer­sity study found “gamma- linolenic acid in black cur­rant oil ac­ti­vates ‘ brown fat,’ a type of fat­burn­ing tis­sue usu­ally dor­mant in over­weight peo­ple. The more ac­tive brown fat you have, the more weight you lose.” And a new Bri­tish study adds fuel to the fat-burning fire, prov­ing that black cur­rant ex­tract stim­u­lates in­cin­er­ate fat when our we’re 15%-27% bod­ies ac­tive— more to turn­ing shop­ping and tree trim­ming into bonafide work­outs! Sci­en­tists credit cur­rants’ an­tho­cyanin an­tiox­i­dants, which seem to prompt mus­cles to burn more fat for energy.

The fat-burning dose:

Git­tle­man rec­om­mends 360 mg.500 mg. black cur­rant oil be­fore a meal once or twice daily.

How much peo­ple lose: Bal­ance hol­i­day in­dul­gences with mostly healthy meals and snacks and you stand to lose “up to 20 pounds in a month,” says Git­tle­man. Her pre­ferred ver­sion is on Fat­flush.com; other op­tions in­clude So­laray and Pu­ri­tan’s Pride brands, both on Ama­zon.com.

3 Gelatin

Sur­prise! The stuff that puts the jig­gle in Jell-o is an amino-acid-packed pro­tein— and unsweet­ened gelatin from grass-fed sources has be­come an un­der­ground fat-burning sen­sa­tion. Turns out, gelatin helps cue our bod­ies to shed pounds “even if we’re not di­et­ing at all,” con­firms Draxe. com’s Josh Axe, N.D. How? Glycine, the main amino acid in gelatin, has been found to send lev­els of key fat-burning hor­mones— es­pe­cially hu­man growth hor­mone—soar­ing. A Dutch study also found that gelatin slows the break­down of food in our sys­tems, sta­bi­liz­ing blood sugar and shrink­ing ap­petite up to 20%.

● The fat-burning dose: Dr. Axe sug­gests a few 1/2 Tbs. serv­ings of nat­u­ral gelatin daily. Healthy brands to try in­clude Great Lakes and Vi­tal Pro­teins.

● How much peo­ple lose: If you’re not di­et­ing, a daily serv­ing of gelatin can melt sev­eral ef­fort­less pounds over time, says Dr. Axe. But pair it with healthy eating like Sylvie Mccracken did (see box, far left, for more) and you can drop up to 40 pounds in 12 weeks!

4 Oo­long tea

Moun­tains of re­search con­firm that vir­tu­ally any va­ri­ety of tea helps spur weight loss. But which one spurs the most fat burning? “Oo­long, a Chi­nese name for ‘ black dragon,’ is a light, flo­ral tea that is also packed with cat­e­chins,” nu­tri­ents that boost your body’s abil­ity to break down fat, says Kelly Choi, au­thor of The 7-Day Flat-belly Tea Cleanse. In one study com­par­ing dif­fer­ent teas, oo­long sped fat burning by 12%—sig­nif­i­cantly more than other va­ri­eties!

The fat-burning dose: Choi rec­om­mends 3-4 cups daily. Just be sure to stop sip­ping af­ter 2 p.m. if you’re sen­si­tive to caf­feine. How much peo­ple lose: A study in the Chi­nese Jour­nal of In­te­gra­tive Medicine found that par­tic­i­pants who reg­u­larly sipped oo­long tea lost a pound a week, with­out do­ing any­thing else to change their diet or ex­er­cise habits. And com­bined with healthy eating, Choi has seen oo­long drinkers shed up to nine pounds a week!

5 Hot sauce

An­other ex­tremely pop­u­lar op­tion among folks test­ing nat­u­ral fat burn­ers for Slo-tility.com, hot sauce gets its waist-shrink­ing power from cap­saicin, the com­pound that give it its heat. Cap­saicin has been show to boost me­tab­o­lism and trig­ger the re­lease of stop-eating hor­mones. And a Korean team even found ev­i­dence that it ac­ti­vates genes that in­crease fat burning. “It’s one of the ab­so­lute eas­i­est strate­gies that we’ve found to have a big im­pact,” says Duffy. The fat-burning dose: Just add hot sauce or any form of hot pep­per (such as pep­per flakes or ground cayenne pep­per) to meals 2-3 times daily.

How much peo­ple lose: Duffy says a few shakes a day can help you drop 10 pounds in 12 weeks.

6 Co­conut oil

Some call co­conut oil the “fat-burning fat”— and with good rea­son. In one landmark study, a group given co­conut oil ended up melt­ing 600% more belly fat than other di­eters. And brand-new Univer­sity of Cal­i­for­nia re­search found that co­conut oil is bet­ter at shrink­ing our waists than olive oil. Why? Though co­conut oil is a sat­u­rated fat, it’s made pri­mar­ily of “medium-chain” fatty acids that cre­ate so much heat as they di­gest, they rev me­tab­o­lism up to 50%!

● The fat-burning dose: Cherie Cal­bom, C.N, au­thor of The Co­conut Diet, rec­om­mends 2 Tbs.-3 Tbs. per day in place of other fats.

● How much peo­ple lose: “With min­i­mal other changes, peo­ple lose up to 10 pounds a week,” re­ports Cal­bom.

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