Sit all day? You must read this!

You’ve prob­a­bly heard that sit­ting a lot isn’t good for your health—but for many of us, work, fam­ily re­spon­si­bil­i­ties or health woes keep us seated much of the time. For­tu­nately, a few diet and life­style tweaks can help make up for that “chair time,” cutt

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1Sup­ple­ment with cur­cumin

Tak­ing 400 mg. daily of BCM-95, an easy-to-ab­sorb form of the heal­ing nu­tri­ent cur­cumin, could halve your risk of joint pain and risky blood clots, two health has­sles linked with sit­ting, Cana­dian re­search shows. BCM-95 helps by switch­ing off en­zymes that pro­duce dam­ag­ing in­flam­ma­tion in­side joints and ar­ter­ies. One op­tion: Life Ex­ten­sion Su­per Bio-cur­cumin ($28 for 60 cap­sules;

Im­por­tant: Check with a doc­tor be­fore tak­ing a new sup­ple­ment.

2Snack on peanuts

If you’re of­ten seated, keep­ing your diabetes risk low can be a chal­lenge be­cause mov­ing your mus­cles burns a lot of blood sugar. Luck­ily, peanuts can help! Ac­cord­ing to the Bri­tish Jour­nal of Nu­tri­tion, the fats in peanuts slow sugar ab­sorp­tion in your di­ges­tive tract, plus boost in­sulin sen­si­tiv­ity and blood­sugar con­trol. As a re­sult, eating 1/3 cup of peanuts (or 3 Tbs. of nat­u­ral peanut but­ter) daily can cut your risk of blood-sugar trou­bles as much as 33%, says study coau­thor Daniela Ribeiro, PH.D.

3Take five-minute mo­tion breaks

Re­cent re­search out of In­di­ana Univer­sity proves that sim­ply get­ting up and put­ter­ing around for five min­utes or so each hour can help pre­vent high choles­terol, high triglyc­erides and heart dis­ease as ef­fec­tively as 60 min­utes of vig­or­ous ex­er­cise daily! The rea­son: Short mo­tion breaks (if you do them hourly) turn on genes that help your liver keep blood fats in healthy bal­ance.

4En­joy more salmon and tuna

Fre­quent sit­ting tamps down your brain’s pro­duc­tion of mood­el­e­vat­ing (and ap­petite-tam­ing) sero­tonin, mak­ing it tough to stay up­beat and slim. Rx: Tuna salmon or sar­dines! Re­search in the Jour­nal of Ag­ing and

Health re­veals that eating 16 oz. of fatty fish weekly cuts your risk of blue moods and weight gain as much as 42%. Good-for-you omega-3 fats in fish ac­ti­vate the brain en­zymes that pro­duce sero­tonin, ex­plains study coau­thor Chris Lio­nis, M.D.

“I’ve lost more us­ing this sup­ple­ment than ever be­fore—par­tic­u­larly in my mid­sec­tion, where I gained af­ter menopause,” shares North Carolina reader Linda Davis, 51, who lost 60 pounds tak­ing 360 mg. of black cur­rant oil twice daily. Though she fa­vors healthy fare, she doesn’t hes­i­tate to in­dulge. “I take four bites of any­thing I want, and I keep on los­ing!”

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