Make healthy foods even more nu­tri­tious!

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What if there were a way to make your al­ready-healthy diet even bet­ter for you? Use these ul­tra- easy cook­ing tricks to max­i­mize the nu­tri­tion in good-for-you fa­vorites!

1Dodge mid­dle-age spread by re­heat­ing rice!

Avoid­ing rice be­cause you think it packs on pounds? Cook it with a lit­tle oil, re­frig­er­ate it, then re­heat it to eat it. This re­duces the starch, slash­ing calo­ries as much as 60%. It also trans­forms rice’s rapidly di­gested carbs into slowly di­gested ones that don’t cause big blood-sugar spikes!

2Fight wrin­kles with tomato-av­o­cado com­bos!

To­ma­toes are full of ly­copene and beta-carotene, nu­tri­ents that help pro­tect your skin from wrin­kle-caus­ing UV rays and make your com­plex­ion glow! Eat them with av­o­ca­dos, and you’ll ab­sorb 4.4 times more ly­copene and 2.6 times more beta-carotene. “Their mo­noun­sat­u­rated fat helps your body ab­sorb the nu­tri­ents,” ex­plains Joan Salge Blake, R.D.N.

3 Pro­tect your heart by “resting” gar­lic!

Gar­lic con­tains a su­per-healthy com­pound, al­licin, which cuts your risk of heart dis­ease and colds, plus thwarts the growth of cancer cells! But al­licin’s ben­e­fits kick in af­ter gar­lic’s been “dam­aged” by chop­ping, crush­ing or slic­ing, which re­leases an en­zyme that ac­ti­vates it. Luck­ily, get­ting the ben­e­fits is easy: Just let your “dam­aged” gar­lic sit for five min­utes be­fore cook­ing with it.

4Stay en­er­gized by cook­ing mush­rooms!

What­ever type you choose, cook­ing mush­rooms dra­mat­i­cally increases the en­er­giz­ing iron you’ll ab­sorb from them—and it ups your ab­sorp­tion of im­mu­nity-boost­ing vitamin C as much as 30%! Cook­ing breaks down tough mem­branes around mush­room cells, re­leas­ing ben­e­fi­cial nu­tri­ents “locked” in­side, say Cor­nell Univer­sity pros.

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