Make merry bear-y pil­lows!

It’s easy to dress up Mr. and Mrs. Bear in their hol­i­day best—all you need is felt and glue!

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❑ 9"x12" felt: 5 sheets red, 4 green, 3 white

❑ Felt scraps: black, pink, light green

❑ Fab­ric glue

❑ Poly­fill stuff­ing

❑ 2 (1/2") red but­tons

❑ 1/2 yd. 1/8" red rib­bon Body

1 En­large pat­terns (be­low left) at 400%, then 300%. Cut 2 red felt bod­ies for each, cut­ting bot­tom straight across for girl. Glue along edges leav­ing top of head be­tween ears open. Stuff; glue open­ing closed. Cut 2 red felt arms for each doll. Fold in half; glue edges leav­ing straight ends open. Stuff; glue open­ings closed. Glue arms, glued edge down, to bod­ies just be­low neck.

2 Faces: En­large girl teddy photo at 400%. Cut 2 sets of fa­cial fea­tures, in­ner ears and holly leaves from felt in col­ors shown in photo; glue onto the girl and boy teddy bears.

3 Cut two each of the girl’s dress and the boy’s shirt and his pants; glue around the bears to dress them. Cut the girl’s col­lar and apron; glue on. Add a 3/4"-wide apron strap across the back. Cut 1"x8" sus­penders for the boy; glue on at front and back; add but­tons.

4 Cut the rib­bon in half. Tie it into two bows; glue on front of bears.

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