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Saffron saves vi­sion!

Con­sum­ing a few threads of saffron each day helps pre­vent age-re­lated mac­u­lar de­gen­er­a­tion (which can cause blind­ness) even if you have a fam­ily his­tory of the dis­ease. The golden spice is a top source of crocin, which boosts the flow of nu­tri­en­trich blood to eye tis­sues.

The best fat for pro­tect­ing your breasts

Fish oil blocks the growth of breast can­cer eight times bet­ter than flaxseed oil does, a re­cent Cana­dian study found. Fish oil’s omega-3s even shut down ag­gres­sive breast can­cers caused by the HER2 gene! The study-proven dose: a 1,000-IU omega-3 sup­ple­ment daily.

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